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Take ownership of your body’s needs and learn the best techniques to help you keep moving, recovering well, staying injury free, and most importantly FEELING GREAT :-)! Flexibility Script offers Self Care Tools, Videos, Workshops and Continuing Education Courses that are designed to help everyone achieve freedom of movement for life with Flexibility Therapy and Prescription.​ Flexibility Script Workshops help everyone in attendance learn the best Flexibility Script techniques to help them RECOVER, RELEASE, and REACH. Continuing Education Courses award Continuing Education Credits for health and fitness professionals. Completion of all Flexibility Script courses awards professionals with a certificate in Flexibility Therapy and Prescription :-).

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Website: www.FlexibilityScript.com
Contact: [email protected]
Instagram: www.instagram.com/flexibilityscript/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/flexibilityscript
YouTube: Our channel

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