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Floorplay Apparel Logo with Big Cat silhouette. Tagline: "Unleash Your Potential"

The perfect blend of affordability, style, and inclusivity with in-house designed pole wear. Our collection embodies comfort and durability for maximum movement and functionality. From vibrant colors to sophisticated patterns, each piece empowers athletes to express individuality while ensuring optimal performance. Meticulous attention is taken in plus-size designs for flattering silhouettes and our gender-fluid options allow for balance between style and confidence. Bespoke exotic fits with unique embellishments are thoughtfully crafted using premium materials to push boundaries with one-of-a-kind fashion. Embrace your unique physique ! LGBTQ-aware cuts, XXS-L slim / S-XL curvy / M-4XL full-figured cuts… because body type matters.

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Facebook: facebook.com/floorplayapparel
Instagram: instagram.com/floorplayapparel
Email: [email protected]

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