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This is A LOT of information but should answer most questions for exhibitors and potential exhibitors about how  what to expect at PoleCon for exhibitors. If you have any questions, please email PoleCon.

*this page last updated June 28, 2024*

Before PoleCon

In “Before PoleCon” section find:

  • Advertising
  • Insurance
  • Passes to PoleCon
  • Emergency Contact
  • Shipping
  • Electric
  • Travel
  • Refunds
At PoleCon

In “At PoleCon” section find:

  • Wifi
  • Food
  • Show Times

Before PoleCon

There are several required and optional things you can do as an exhibitor to ensure your time at PoleCon is smooth. Most required items (name for your booth, insurance, pass information) is due a month (or more) in advance of PoleCon.


Name of your Booth *Required: Please let me know how your business should be listed in our program. (i.e., “PoleCon” instead of “International Pole Convention”) by not later than one month before the event (earlier is appreciated). THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR SPLIT BOOTHS.

Promoting your brand and booth on our social media: Email [email protected]  a square image that you want shared on our social media and any associated text and hashtags OR add intlpoleconvention (on instagram) as a collaborator.

Online Exhibitor Directory. This lives on our website forever and can be useful for your own marketing/SEO (https://poleconvention.com/exhibitor-directory/) Previous exhibitors who have already filled out the form do not need to fill out a new form. Form: https://forms.gle/ZdzzjboMjMVL9U9T6

Sponsor a Showcase: Email [email protected]  to see if showcases are available to sponsor, the cost, and details.

Insurance* Required

You must provide a certificate of commercial liability insurance listing Jolly Jones, LLC DBA International Pole Convention 6601 Wilburn Drive, Capitol Heights MD 20734 as an “additional insured.” Typically this is no cost with your existing commercial liability insurance. If you don’t have commercial liability insurance then we do offer a weekend insurance package through our insurance company. This is typically available 4-6 months before the event.

If you are an international company, please contact us with questions.

PoleCon maintains event insurance, this is an extra layer of protection that is common in the US.

Please provide proof of insurance not later than one month before the event. *If you are also an instructor, the insurance you provide for being an instructor also covers the insurance requirement for being an exhibitor.*

Passes to PoleCon* Required

You have 2 weekend tickets to PoleCon included with your booth (if you have 2 booths, you have 4 passes, 3 booths = 6, etc.), if you need additional tickets they are available at 50% discount. *Yes, this means if you split 1 booth with 3 people, you ONLY have 2 tickets and will need to purchase the third pass for the third person.*

Buy here: International Pole Convention
Code to be provided in your booth receipt.

Please provide the names for your booth passes not later than one month before the event. Everyone will check in by name at PoleCon.

Everyone receives a wrist band for the weekend. It is vinyl, you can shower in it. Please do not take it off, you can specify which wrist to put it on. If you have a latex allergy, please tell me in person. Lost or intentionally removed wrist bands may incur a $100 fee. 

Emergency Contact* Required

Everyone who enters PoleCon agrees by default to our liability waiver and model release. If you purchase workshops (available in February before June event), you will have done this via WellnessLiving. If you have not seen it, it is here: https://forms.gle/r9ntBDkpAjWjBazW9

Please provide an emergency contact number (in WellnessLiving if you have purchased workshops), just in case, by filling out that form (if you have not made an account in WellnessLiving). We do have at least one medic at the stage for the duration of PoleCon.


If you need information about shipping to PoleCon or renting furniture, we will have that information ~ 4-6 months before the event. *most people do not ship merchandise but bring an extra suitcase with them.* If you must ship to PoleCon, please email us ([email protected] ) first, the exhibitor services company is VERY EXPENSIVE.


Optional electricity to your booth is $100 at the Live! Hotel and Casino Venue (PoleCon 2023-2025). If you need electricity, please email us ([email protected] )  and we will send you a digital invoice to pay. This fee is the cost from the venue and does not include a surge protector/power strip. You must order electric 1 month before the event.


PoleCon organizes discounted room blocks at the host hotel and potentially other local hotels. Check the venue section of the website for all links.


PoleCon does not offer refunds on booths.

Exhibitor booths can be transferred to someone else through a private sale or other exchange. Just let us know who you’ve “sold” your booth to so we can update our files. PoleCon does maintain a wait list of businesses looking to purchase booths, contact us if you’d like to be put in touch with the waitlist.

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At PoleCon

At PoleCon, we expect 1,250-1,500 people to attend during the weekend.


Wifi is free for exhibitors. You will receive the wifi info when you arrive at PoleCon.


Exhibitors receive lunch Friday, lunch Saturday and breakfast Sunday as part of having a Weekend Pass to PoleCon.

The menu will be published about a month before the event. There is a gluten free/vegan option.

Show Times

*ending times are approximate depending on the showcase actual ending time*

This is a typical PoleCon Thursday-Sunday schedule.

Thursday, 12:00pm – 3:00pm. EXHIBITOR MOVE-IN* you can keep moving in after 3pm until you are done. We’ll let attendees in around 5/530pm.

  • Thursday, 5:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Friday, 9:00am – 11:00pm (there is a dinner break from 7-8pm. The BGP show opens at 8pm, show starts at 830pm and runs until 1030 or sometimes 11pm. Most vendors are not open during this time)
  • Saturday, 9:00am – 7:00pm
  • Sunday, 9:00am – 1:00pm
  • Sunday, 1:00pm – 3:00pm EXHIBITOR MOVE-OUT


There is no official security after hours/after the show closes that night. Please secure anything you do not want to “walk away.”

At the Live! Hotel and Casino venue there is a police presence on site and cameras throughout the spaces if there is a problem.

PoleCon staff will be around the exhibits typically by 7am every morning.

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