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“And thank YOU, Colleen Jolly, for supporting all of us! There were several showcases all in celebration of different styles, many of whom are actually marginalized groups in Pole Dance — Dangerous Curves, Black Girls Pole, Men, and Sexy Style. Plus Power Flow and the Australian Invasion and more. After I saw Annemarie Davies f*cking kill it for all of us I thanked Colleen for having me and allowing us all to do our thing. She said ‘PoleCon is for everyone. You do what you want!’ Yes Ma’am! My number was the Revenge of the Red Riding Hood where she uses what has been used against her (her sexy) and seduces that a**hole so she can kill him and dance naked on his pelt in celebration. So what’s what we did :)) More and more pleased I chose that theme for this show! #areyouredridinghoodorareyouthewolf #polecon2015”

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