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Water Water Everywhere

Water. Love it or hate it, it's essential. It's about 75% of you! It’s found in every tissue of the body, and makes up the bulk of the fluid in every cell. Just some of the many roles of water…

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Fighting Injuries Naturally

Every one of us has had some sort of pole-related ache or pain as we've progressed. Hopefully you've avoided serious sprains and tears, but more than likely you've at least been left with aching joints or ligaments at some point.…

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Glucose. It's the basic form of energy we need to survive. Every cell and every process in our body is fueled by glucose. This simple monosaccharide (read: sugar) is what every carbohydrate we eat breaks down into. Carbohydrate: Anything that…

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Eat to Fuel Your Future

As a Nutritional Therapist with a special interest in working with athletes, I’m often asked by clients what they should eat after they work out to fuel their recovery. While this is certainly important, I like to stress that what…

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