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What is interoception?

Interoception is understanding what our body feels like on the inside. The goal to developing a good sense of interoception from a movement perspective is to identify and categorize sensations in our body accurately so we can learn to understand…

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Announcing Virtual PoleCon 2021

Virtual PoleCon is back October 16, 2021 9am-~10pm Eastern (New York) time! Like last year’s event, this event is presented by the IPIA and is focused on the pole business industry. Pole hobbyists are welcome to come too! Also, like…

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PoleCon 2021: Rescheduled to August

Thank you all for your patience and your support as we navigate an extremely challenging time. Thank you for answering our most recent survey, your opinions helped us make important changes to PoleCon 2021. Right now, more than 500 people…

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