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A letter to my students becoming teachers

As you take this new step in your journey, remember that I am proud of you.

You are strong.

You are capable.

Never stop learning. Always keep an open mind and heart. Your students will teach you more than I ever could. Listen to them.

Be positive. Even on days when you want to quit, leave your troubles outside the studio door and focus on offering the best experience for your students that you can.

That doesn’t mean be fake. On the contrary, be honest. We all have moments when we slip. We all have things that don’t work for us that day or ever. Remind your students that you are just further along the path than them and that the path ebbs and flows for us all.

Be a good example. Take care of yourself. Acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers. Ask for help. Allow yourself to rest.

Find your unique voice and style. Allow it to change over time. Understand that is no “one way” to dance or teach or experience life.

Know that your new path is hard. And it can be rewarding. If it is not, there is no shame in change. Change is part of growth.

Above all else, remember that I am proud of you.




*photo pre-covid and several tattoos ago

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