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What to Expect for your First Pole Class!

So you’re going to do it! You just hung up the phone and the appointment is made. Tomorrow at 7pm. You have your own reasons for signing up, we all did. Your very first pole class! But you can feel the nervous butterflies in your stomach and a slight feeling of uncertainty mixed with excitement.

What should I wear – Do I dress like I’m going to the gym or dress like I’m going out to a club?

How will the class go?

What should I bring?

Will there be lots of students just staring at me?

Will they already be good or will they be beginners just like me?

While every pole studio is different and has a different model for their introductory class – we put together a few general tips and hints for your very first pole experience.

Wear comfortable clothes

Before you head out to the studio, or even when making your reservation, ask what they recommend you wear. Each studio is different so it is always good to ask. But in general terms we recommend you wear comfortable clothing – nothing too baggy as you don’t want to be tripping over your favorite comfy sweats when trying to swing around the pole. But wear something you feel good in. As far as feet go, bare feet is a great place to start. Some studios allow you to use shoes from day one, but even if that is the case, start the class barefoot so that you can get a feel for your coordination before adding those sexy 6 inch stilettos into the mix.

Arrive Early

In every reputable studio, you will need to sign a waiver and registration form. For this reason you should plan on arrive 5-10 minutes early in order to complete the necessary forms but also to acclimate yourself with your surroundings. Use the restroom, meet other students, and just in general, relax during those few short minutes before class.

Expect to feel awkward at first!

Your instructor most likely has been dancing for a number of years so she will make it look effortless and flawless. You will feel clumsy, maybe even a little silly. But we promise, everyone feels that way on their first day! Take a deep breath, and embrace the new experience. As class goes on, towards the end, you should start to feel a little more coordinated and confident in the moves you just learned.

Beginners recognized beginners!

Again, each studio will have different policies but in general beginners are kept with beginners. So don’t sweat it – everyone in that class feels the same way you do! It’s like the first day of summer camp or the first day of a new job. Again, breathe! There is no pressure at your pole class, you are doing this for you. You are there to get strong/feel sexy/ feel confident/ dance better etc etc. No one is looking at you – they are all focusing on learning the same thing you are.

Expect Laughs – lots and lots of laughs!

It is a new experience and you will feel silly at first but your instructor will make you feel comfortable and you will laugh at the some what awkward positions you will be in, the funny names of moves, and even the mistakes you will make. Because you will make some, we all did. Giggle and try again!

Expect to be sore the next day

Whether you are a regular at the gym or this is your first exercise session in a while…you will be sore the next day. Pole dancing is a whole body workout, but most people, after the first day, feel it predominantly in their arms/chest/back. We promise it’s a good kind of sore. Take a hot shower (or an Epsom salt bath) after class and it should ease the next day’s (and the day after) soreness.

We hope your first pole class is amazing and everything that you are expecting. We were all beginners once but after that first class it is difficult to get pole off of your mind – so we hope that first class is the beginning of a long and lasting relationship with your pole!

Sarah Jacoby
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