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What to pack for PoleCon 2019!

With PoleCon just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about all the things you will need to bring on your epic adventure! Listed below are some great things to take into consideration, specific items to bring for different…

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What is the True Cost of PoleCon

For some pole dancers, PoleCon is a critical business expense. For other pole dancers, it’s a carefully budgeted luxury trip. However you view attending PoleCon — let’s talk real costs. Ticket to PoleCon The weekend pass at early bird (purchased…

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Changes for PoleCon 2019

Hi PoleCon Community! I’ve always said PoleCon is community and it’s a community I want to see continue into the future. To do that requires some changes to make PoleCon sustainable. Here’s how things will be changing so we can…

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