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Image of S.T. Shimi sitting down drinking a martini.

The Pole World Remembers S.T. Shimi

S.T. Shimi (aka Black Orchid) was a ray of sunshine who lit up every stage she ever graced. With legs for days, a sassy but classy attitude and always a cocktail in hand (or nearby), you always sat with anticipation…

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Dark silhouette of a dancer leaning on a pole with blurred background.

Pole at the Superbowl

In case you somehow missed Shakira and J.Lo’s super lit halftime show, Shakira worked it out and J.Lo graced us once again with some pole tricks. She even hired several pole dancers (interview with them coming soon to the PoleCon…

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Child prepares for a spin around the pole on stage.

What do you think about kids and pole?

Kids and Pole...Yay or Nay? As a Victorian (Australia) pole studio recently came under fire by local news organizations, one of our own in the pole community was viewed in a negative light for teaching youth how to pole dance.…

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Pole dancer executing an iron-x on stage at PoleCon 2015

Which Showcase Should I Submit To?

With an increase of showcase options this year, it can be difficult to determine which one would be best suited for your interest, preparation time and skill level. I’m going to try to break things down to the best of…

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Fake skeleton sits at an office desk with text "Going to work after Polecon"

How to Fix Your Post-PoleCon Blues

You’re back home, back at your regular pole studio, home space (maybe both) missing your friends from all over the world and you’re wondering how you’re going to survive until next year. Perhaps you’re still reminiscing the amazing BGP showcase,…

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