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Word map organized into a star of choreography words.

Choreographic Devices

Learning to choreograph is a messy process which never ends. It can also be an enlightening and therapeutic process which helps both dance and dancer to evolve. If you want to learn to choreograph but aren’t sure where to start,…

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Word cloud of pole dance choreography words.

Choreography 101: Improv

Scene: After a recent showcase. STUDENT: That was so amazing! Everyone did such a great job! ME: Are you going to perform next time? STUDENT: Oh, no. I don’t know how to choreograph. The preceding scene has happened to me…

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Word cloud of pole dance techniques.

Swinging Both Ways

Do you swing both ways? On the pole, I mean. Everyone has a dominant hand/side that we unconsciously choose to do almost everything in life and this includes pole dancing. You learn every spin, every invert, every technique leading the…

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