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Quiz Time!: What’s Your Pole Style?

It’s just a simple, vertically-oriented bar, but a pole can provide so many different things. What does the pole do for you? This quiz will help you identify your place in the pole community!

1. You get to class and the teacher announces that you’re doing floorwork today. You feel:

a. Disappointed. You had really wanted to work on aerial inverts.

b. Enthusiastic. This should help with your latest piece of choreography.

c. Intrigued. You almost never do floorwork.

d. Excited. You love floorwork!

e. Unconcerned. You choose a pole in the back and do whatever you want.


2. When you choreograph, what is your primary goal?

a. To showcase your most advanced skills.

b. To create a piece that tells a story or has a meaning to it.

c. To construct sequences with varying levels of difficulty so you’re prepared for whoever comes to class.

d. To connect with your inner Goddess.

e. To have a loose framework so you can improvise something new each time.


3. Your favorite pole techniques are:

a. Strength-based.

b. Flashy.

c. Complicated.

d. Sultry.

e. Whatever is the most fun.


4. When creating a playlist, you usually include:

a. A variety of songs with different BPM for a complete workout.

b. Broadway show tunes.

c. Pieces of music with interesting rhythmic structures and/or unusual time signatures.

d. Songs which evoke intense feelings.

e. That week’s Top 40.


5. Outside of class your pole practice includes:

a. Cross-training.

b. Choreographing.

c. Certification preparation.

d. Self-exploration.

e. Free-styling.


6. You think costumes are:

a. Useful to setting the mood for a piece of choreography.

b. Absolutely vital for all performances and the occasional Tuesday.

c. Fun, but not strictly necessary.

d. A good excuse to wear rhinestones, sequins, and not much else.

e. Superfluous.


7. What is more important when buying pole shorts?

a & c. Function.

b & e. Fashion.

d. Thongs.


8.For you, pole is:

a. Sport.

b. Art.

c. Fitness.

d. Therapy.

e. Fun.



Mostly A’s: Team Olympic – The people who belong to this team are those who represent the pole community in the competitive sphere. These people are the ones who will make poling an Olympic sport one day. Members of this team are driven to achieve.

Mostly B’s: Performance Crew – Comprised of beginners and veterans alike, this group prefers to engage in the spectacle of pole. They gravitate to the artistic side and enjoy performing. Costumes are very important to this crew.

Mostly C’s: Professors of Fitness – These people love learning and generally become teachers themselves, as they often enjoy sharing their knowledge. This group is particularly interested in learning how to break techniques down into their smallest movements and in how to describe those components to others.

Mostly D’s: Sexy Squad – For some, the erotic side of pole is their go-to. Whether strutting their sexy for an audience or keeping their sensual just to themselves, members of this squad fully embrace the sultry movements and feelings of pole dance.

Mostly E’s: Freestylers – This group focuses on the play aspect of pole. They pole dance for the fun of it and don’t worry about perfecting techniques. They might perform occasionally or give passing thought to competing, but don’t spend too much time on being serious when there’s fun to be had.

No Clear Preference: All-Access Pass – The members of this group are more likely to be a little bit of everything. Their allegiances may shift from group to group depending on what interests them most at any given moment or they may find that they prefer to remain undefined.


Please share your results and thank you for helping make pole a wonderful and wonderfully diverse community!

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