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Performer creeps during floor work at PoleCon

Performing at PoleCon 2020: Selection Information

This year there were 757 applications for 232 performer slots. That is double the number of applicants we received last year.

This means that less than 30% of people who applied will get to perform. Not even all paid workshop leaders who applied are performing.

When making a showcase, preference was given to people who have not performed at PoleCon before. In most showcases, these represent ~50% of performers. In one showcase—the Dangerous Curves showcase—100% of the performers have never performed before at PoleCon. This means lots of new faces and some performers who previously graced the stage will sit out this year.

Additionally, we—the curators and I—look for diversity in as many ways as possible within the showcase including gender, race/ethnicity, level/ability, body type, age, studio and geographic location.

We wrote specific guidelines to help people understand the process: https://poleconvention.com/from-the-hbic/how-to-perform-at-polecon-2020/ and then shared that via our blog, our newsletter and social media. Of course, we don’t reach everyone, but we try.

Selecting showcase performers is not an easy task. It never is and this year was even more challenging with so many applications.

If you have questions about your application, please contact me directly. I don’t have much feedback other than to continue being awesome and know that I’m sorry that not everyone who wants to perform, gets to perform. You are a wonderful performer and we are so glad you applied to perform!

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