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Dance and music have been a form of storytelling since man could stand upright and walk. Rhythmic movement and musical expression can be insights into cultural norms, provide historical insight and define spiritual rituals. Of course pole dancing has its own historical context within various musical genres and dance traditions.

The purpose of my writing today is to ask, you, the reader: what is your story? What do you wish to express whenever you strut, spin and turn around the pole?   For me pole dancing is the ultimate form of non-verbal communication and music provides a lyrical and percussive component that gives the audience the context of the dance.

Every movement has a purpose a meaning. Just think, there’s some feeling inside of yourself that gives you a compulsion to strap on a pair of heels, point your toes and dance to beat. Even the absence of music during a performance is a statement within itself.


Can you dance without music? Sure! Never be afraid of silence. Silence, if used properly can provoke a myriad of intense emotions. However, it is up to the performer to be able to communicate those emotions in a manner that is clear and distinct while connecting in a very personal manner with the audience.

Be Thoughtful

Personally, for me, music is a pivotal player in my routine. This is probably because I’ve always used music as a form of self-expression. Whether it was playing an instrument, singing in the shower, with a choir or solo in front of an audience, music has always been an ultimate high for me. When I hear a song I immediately identify with the dynamics between the instrumental accompaniment and the vocalist. I then examine how those dynamics intertwine with the words of the song. I’m then able to figure out what the song really means to me, how I’m impacted and how it fits into my life, dreams or even fantasies. Sometimes, it’s just a good bootie shakin’ songs, other times it’s a reflection of a very personal struggle. When performing select a song and movements that mean something. Think about the movements you use. Selecting a musical piece just because it’s “da bomb” song can sometimes short change a strong routine, just as powerful movements with no meaning behind them can become a disjointed pile of complex moves.

Silence of Music

Music doesn’t have to be the main driver of your dance. Examine, APC 2014 Stephanie Skyy Championship Womens Pro , notice how purposeful each movement is. Can you see what the story is? Do you even notice the musical accompaniment?   What tells the story, the music or the movement?

Music Takes the Wheel

When music is really driving your movement and connection with the audience, use every section of the music. All movement should flow the with song. When music is the main driver of your movements, the body MUST become the main source of physical expression of what the artist is expressing in conjunction with the music.   My favorite examples are:

Under Your Skin – Aesthetic Perfection Free Dance 3-31-16

Lazebnaya Lucia Pole Dance Paranoia

Need I say more!!

Bottom Line

At the end of the day it’s about you!! The song the movement is about you! So be you, boo and express yourself!!!

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