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The Perfect Body Wave


What is the most iconic sexy skill? That’s right, the body wave. A simple yet complex way of moving that will lock an audience into a trance. A body wave is a sensual way of emulating a snake which, for some unexplained reason, is extremely pleasing when done well. Here are some technical tips to help smooth out those waves.


  • Start by facing the pole. Place your hands on the pole about shoulder height (or whatever is comfortable for you). Lean forward as if you were going to nuzzle the pole or place your cheek on it. When you lean forward, really stick your booty out!






  • Roll your shoulders all the way up to your ears as you come upright.








  • Take that shoulder roll in to a lean backwards. Squeeze your butt to push your hips forward and use the pole lean away.








  • Start to curve your body in ward like someone hit you really hard in the stomach. The knees should start to bend at this point







  • The last step is the best step. You’re going to complete your body wave by sitting. Stick that booty out like you’re about to drop it low and twerk it out!







To master a hypnotizing body wave similar to that of the queen, Sarah Jade, you must develop a certain amount of confidence. Keep dancing, slinking, and feeling yourself until you know that presence is unwavering.

Leah Franklin
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