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Dalijah Franklin from Black Girls Pole (BGP) gets interviewed at PoleCon

Interview with Dalijah Franklin, Black Girls Pole

Annemarie Davies from United Pole Artists in conjunction with our Gold Sponsor 123Poling.com, the best online resource for pole dance tutorials,  talks with Dalijah Franklin, the founder of Black Girls Pole at PoleCon 2015!

Black Girls Pole  is a movement to push black women and pole dancing to the next level. It is the boost of confidence that inspires women to walk in their greatness and explore their bodies through a different way of exercise.

Listen to her experience performing and participating in PoleCon 2015 and how to get involved with Black Girls Pole — you do not need to be a person of color nor female. Everyone is welcome and diversity is the key to our community success!

See the whole interview here!

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