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Split screen of 9 sets of abdomens with text: "All of these sexy torsos have one thing in common. they belong to pole dancers! Always wanted a flat, tones stomach? Try pole fitness!"

Are your Pole Goals Your Priority?

Only a little while longer till I get to share some awesome and easy info about Nutrition with some truly amazing athletes! PoleCon 2016 I am ready. Preparation is key to being a great teacher but also in keeping ourselves healthy. Eating right 85% of the time is the easiest thing to do if you have a plan.

Know your lifestyle and what you will and won’t do. Do not try to do something someone else is doing because they had results. Try it because you want to find out the BEST plan for you! Even if you think you don’t have time, I promise you we all waste time every week without even realizing it.

Are YOU and your Pole goals a priority?

Here comes the shocker we ALL waste time on the internet/social media. I am not saying ditch your Facebook time but I am saying limit it so you can put more time into your workout or meal planning. So to prove to my students that planning for the week is easy and CAN be done I did it myself.

Grocery list in hand and a plan of what meals I was going to make when I got home I was able to complete a whole 7 days worth of meal prep in 3.5 hours from beginning to end; meaning from driving to the store to the finished product being packaged up and put in my fridge, ready to eat when I needed it.

3.5 hrs, that is 30 min a day or 3-10min log ins on Facebook. So when someone comes to me and says I am struggling with menu and making sure I get what I need to be the best Pole athlete I can be, I simply ask, “what is your priority, Facebook/TV/hanging out or what YOU want to accomplish?” Meal planning is not hard it is just a habit you need to get in to.

Think back to when you started Pole. Did you quit because it was hard? Did you tell your teacher, “I can’t do that.” Did you make an excuse as to why you had to skip class that week. NO you probably didn’t. If you had you wouldn’t be making plans to head to PoleCon 2016 you would be sitting on your butt without a goal. So now when you look back at your first days of pole you see how in a short time and putting your mind to it you started to conquer your pole goals one at a time. Eating right deserves the same dedication if not a little bit more because FOOD/NUTRITION is what makes your pole goals possible.

Are you worth it? The answer is YES, but only you can make it happen.

Hopefully, I can help my audience come up with a plan that works for them! I will be there to educate at PoleCon 2016!

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