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Water is the Key to Pole Dancing

Hydration is Key

When I first started training in pole in 2015, I used to walk into my pole sessions with a VENTI cold brew from Starbucks loaded with cream and sugar or a LARGE hot coffee from the nearest coffee spot.  And I am sure if you look around the pole room, you will most likely see various types of coffees, energy drinks, vitamin-containing beverages, or some homemade concoctions that dancers train with.  But, did you know the best fluid you can bring to pole is water!? As simple as it is, water is the best and most effective fluid to bring with you to a pole class.  Hydration is key, and water is only fluid that will naturally and physically hydrate you and here is why!

Increases Energy

First and foremost, water effectively carries nutrients and oxygen to your muscles.  As you train or power through your routines, you rely on your muscles for every transition and move you do.  Drinking caffeine or another type of energy drink during your workout could cause you to basically run out of energy.  We all know that trying to deadlift into an iron-x is hard as it is, so trying to lift with limited to no energy would be nearly impossible! But Water! will be able to keep that energy flowing throughout your whole training sessions.


Water plays a huge role in controlling blood pressure and heart rate.  Training can play with your heart rate but how your heart recovers is very important.  Consuming enough water can help you control your heart rate which in turn, the length of time you are able to perform or train.  Stamina is essential during pole dancing and supporting your stamina with water will be a game-changer!

Joint Cushion

Water can help with providing a cushion to your joints.  Our joints can take a beating in pole, so ensuring your hydration is on point will be very helpful in training, recovery, and performance.  Your body is 60% water and when you are fully hydrated (and then some!), your movement and flexibility will for sure will not go unnoticed.

Maximizes Performance

Whether your goal is strength, flexibility, exotic, etc, in pole dancing, you always strive to be the perfect performer.  Maintaining hydration before, during and after your training or routine will be able to achieve your goals.  Dehydration can also lead to changes in your body temperature which can increase your sweat output, motivation, and your body to fatigue faster.

How Much Water and Types of Water

Water requirements are different for everyone, but a general recommendation is between 1.8 to 2 L per day.  This translates into two, 1 Liter water bottles per day.  With intensive training, it would be beneficial to increase your water intake another .5 to 1 L to help with recovery post-training! Choosing water over other beverages is a great habit to introduce.  But, what about electrolytes?  Electrolytes-based water that contains Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, etc can take your pole dancing success ever farther!

In conclusion, choosing water as your preferred beverage is beneficial not only for your physical needs but also for your growth in pole dancing.  Progress is something we see very quickly in pole dancing, so start changing your beverages to water while you train and see how much you fly!

Laura Martorano MS RD CDN
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