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large pile of fat compared to small pile of muscle.

The importance of Nutrition

While most of us started Pole for fun or fitness it has truly become an amazing sport. I don’t ever hear too much talk about the dreaded topic of “weight loss,” aka this really means fat loss in true fitness lingo. And even though for most of us in our sport we don’t count calories we should at least be aware of what a calorie does in terms of shaping our lovely lady lumps.

A calorie is the amount of heat energy that is needed to raise the water in your body by 1 degree. Translated the amount of energy we put into our bodies, our fuel if you will. So when we put too much fuel in we gain weight and when we don’t put enough fuel in we lose precious energy that could make us a better athlete. This for us is our energy reserve as well as our precious muscle that enables us to pole for extended periods of time. The energy reserve is inside our muscles and also in our fat stores. If we do not fuel up correctly we could damage and deplete our muscle which is our metabolically active tissue and allows us to stay in a healthy weight range and perform the tricks that we want to do.

3600 calories is equal to 1 pound of wight loss or gain depending on your goal. And weight can be fat, muscle, water, bone, organs etc, any matter that makes up our body. So even though most bodybuilders and athletes aren’t “over fat,” they may be “over weight.” Not always but sometimes. So when we look at an athlete we see lean but extra weight be it muscle or fat still puts extra stress on our joints, muscles, and organs.

Bottom line, LEARN what is a healthy calorie intake range for you, which is determined by weight and activity level. And if you are curious this is exactly what I will be teaching to you at the 2016 PoleCon in Texas. A work sheet will be provided so you can manage your calories as your life changes.

Come check out my class in June!

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