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How To Keep Your Motivation For Going To Pole Class During The Fall And Winter Season!

How to keep your motivation for going to pole class during the fall and winter season!

Can you believe that it’s the fall now?! What happened to the summertime?? Wintertime is rapidly approaching and I’m not a big fan of the wintertime; cold air is not my friend. Trust me—if I could stay inside all winter and hibernate like a bear I would!

During the fall and winter season, the sun rises earlier and the sun sets earlier. The first day of summer is the longest day of daylight during the year and after that day a whole minute of sunlight is taken away each day! If you’re not paying close attention you will not notice the change till late September or even early October with the hardest change happening when Daylight Savings Time comes in early November and the sun begins to set around 6:00pm. For me, this is most depressing time of the year!

When Daylight Savings Time occurs a lot of us will began to feel sluggish due to this change even though it’s only an hour. Many of us will receive less vitamin D during this time of year as sunlight helps the body naturally to produce Vitamin D and there will be less time outside in the diminishing light and chilly temperatures. Vitamin D is essential for making our muscles work efficiently and boosting energy levels. I have to really push myself this time of year just to get out of the house to teach pole class and I love teaching!

Last year after having this problem with motivation during the winter months, I did some research on natural energy boosters and found that changing your diet in small ways can increase your energy levels! Here are some tips:

  • Our number #1 source of energy is our first meal of the day. Breakfast is very important and it will keep us moving throughout the day. If you do not eat breakfast, your body won’t function properly so ALWAYS eat breakfast!
  • Green tea is a great energy booster. Green tea contains caffeine, but not too much—just enough to get your day started. Green tea makes you less jittery than black tea or coffee, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine.
  • Bananas are another great, natural energy booster. Bananas contain three natural sugars—glucose, sucrose and fructose—and researchers discovered that two bananas provide enough energy for an intense 90-minute workout! So a banana (or two!) a day will keep the doctor away and keep you energized during those rough fall and winter months!
  • Have you heard of chia seeds? Chia seeds are another great energy booster. These seeds are a plant-based protein that contains omega-3 fatty acids, similar to flax seeds. You can add chia seeds to your smoothie, salad or oatmeal for even more energy!

There are so many natural energy boosters—I could write a whole book! Some other natural energy boosters to try are blueberries, green salads and green smoothies. Add these foods to your diet—especially in your breakfast—and you’ll feel much better braving the cold and dark winter months. I know I do!

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