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Image of a row of frozen drink mixes

Not your average alcoholic beverage…

In addition to all the unique nooks and crannies that exist in New Orleans, we have something else that sets us apart from everywhere else — Drive Thru Daiquiri Shops!

I actually work part time at a small family owned daiquiri shop called The Daiquiri Factory in Marrero, Louisiana. It is about 7 miles outside of the city on the Westbank side of the river. It’s not far at all once you cross the Greater New Orleans bridge.

You might be asking, “What the hell is a Daiquiri?”

Well, a daiquiri is a frozen alcoholic slushie that are made in a variety of flavors to suit any palette. We have everything to fruity to tarty and sweet and chocolatey. You can also mix and flavors you wish that are on the menu. An average 20oz drink is equivalent to drinking roughly two beers. You’ll notice that most of the bars in the city and near Bourbon street sell them along with souvenir cups. This concept is very unique to New Orleans culture; it was definitely one of the first places that opened back up after hurricane Katrina. The daiquiri’s were comforting for everyone to have some normality placed back into their lives during at time where New Orleans just wasn’t the same.

New Orleans is pretty much the place in the world that allows patrons to go through a drive thru window to purchase these drinks. Many customers ask about the open container laws when I serve them, and it’s only considered open container if you actually insert the straw into the drink.

If you have some time during the day or evening after frolicking around at PoleCon, you can take a little drive to the Westbank and pop in at the drive thru. My manager was nice enough to allow me to print up some coupons to put in your Pole Con swag bags. Please enjoy $1.00 off a large or a medium drink and be sure to tell your server that you are visiting for Pole Convention. I mentioned to all my coworkers who you guys are 😉 ! It’s a perfect pit stop on the way if you are heading to Barataria Nature Preserve to say hi to the alligators. If you didn’t have a chance to check out my first blog “Must see places from a New Orleanian Perspective,” please do because I mention some tips on how to maximize your experience while visiting the preserve. If you don’t want to take a nature hike, it’s still pretty cool cougar dating to say to your friends back home that you took a small detour to pass through one of the few individually owned shops left that is “off the grid” for a drink with a history and character!

Ariel Blanco
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