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relatively empty street during the day.

Hollywood South

So, Pole Convention 2015 will be your first time in New Orleans, and you’re not too sure Cougars Dating Sites what to expect?   You are probably more familiar with the city than you realize. Aside from awesome food, we also…

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Marlo Fisken being interviewed at PoleCon 2015.

Interview with Marlo Fisken

123TV and 123poling.com, the best resource for online pole training for students and instructors, interviews Marlo Fisken from Flow Movement® Marlo conducted three workshops at #polecon2015 that focused on fluidity. She brings 15 years of dance experience to her poling…

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Pole Dancer executes an ayesha on stage in front of a packed PoleCon audience.

Pole Con Recap!

PoleCon has officially returned! We had more than 500 attendees from all over the world, almost 100 different workshops and an absolutely amazing slew of performances! Some things you're saying about the event (from our survey): “Many of the vendors…

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