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Image of a chest mount with text: Chest Mount Tutorial, Totally Stoked Fitness.

How to Ace the Chest Mount

totallystokedfitnessleadphotoThe Chest Mount, also called the Broomstick is a strikingly beautiful move and all the rage at the moment. Here are a few tips and tricks that can aid in achieving this move. But before we go anywhere with this hot little trick, we need a solid Shoulder Mount and a bombproof inverted Pencil. This means that a poler should have a concrete hold in the Shoulder Mount inverted V and can lower out of a Shoulder Mount with control. Spending time in the Shoulder Mount before attempting the Broomstick will prove beneficial on numerous levels. Check out a few tutorials on the Shoulder Mount Part 1 and Part 2. The second move to have sound is the Inverted Pencil. The Pencil is the first step of the Chest Mount and Broomstick.

The Pencil

Engage the upper back, shoulders, arms and core. This move is pure strength and proper engagement can prevent injury. The upper back should be in scapular retraction and the shoulders should be rolled down the back. The core hollows and pulls inward activating the lower abdominal, the transverse abdominis.

totallystokedfitnesschestmount1From a Shoulder Mount with cup grip, roll the legs upward. For the Pencil to happen, there is a moment of timing. As the legs lift toward the ceiling to parallel the pole, one must simultaneously pull with the arms and roll from the upper back to the chest. The arms pull the body into the pole, to a Chest Mount hold, this means moving from the back of the shoulder to the pecs for Pencil. Pencil is tricky because it’s a combination balance and strength move. It’s dangerous if one does not have the strength or control, because the first place in the body to hit the floor in a fall will be the head. Again, this is one more reason why the Shoulder Mount must be dependable.

The Chest Mount

From Pencil begin to draw the knees downward into a tuck position. Find the balance point. Engage the core in and down, hollowing the abdominals and creating an anterior tilt in the hips. Keep the push of the chest against the pole and the pull of the arms to hold the body. Using the core, option one is to leave one leg on the pole like a Butterfly. Option two is to release the legs back and away from the pole into a balanced tuck position. Return to a basic inversion to move out of the Chest Mount.

totallystokedfitnesschestmount2Important Tips

  • Keep the chest, the upper pectorals pushing into the pole, not the collar bone or shoulder.
  • Pull with the arms and keep the back engaged in scapular retraction.
  • Hollow the belly and engage the core, particularly the lower abdominals.
  • Keep the legs tucked or in a split tuck to keep the center of gravity over the torso as much as possible.
  • Lever length is important. The balanced tuck is more challenging then the Butterfly, try Butterfly position first.

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