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Changes For PoleCon 2020

Changes for PoleCon 2020

Hi PoleCon Community!

Continuing the tradition/precedent set last year in announcing changes, here are my upcoming changes for the 2020 event. I’ve reviewed all the survey responses from the 2019 event and have emailed a few folks (who provided contact info) specific information/clarification.

Generally, everyone liked the boxed lunches so they will be back next year! I’ll continue working to make sure all our vegans/vegetarians have options. This will be a challenge at many hotels.

Last year I made a lot of big changes for attendees. This upcoming year for PoleCon 2020 in New Orleans, I’m making some financial changes to vendor booths and sponsorships which haven’t changed since the 2015 event.

Price Changes:

  • Raise cost of Vendor Booths to $725 for early bird (from $675) and $900 for regular price (from $850):
    • 3 companies can still split a booth
    • Insurance will still be required (at a price set by our insurance company)
    • Wifi will still be included (how good it is depends on the venue!)
    • Electricity will still not be included
    • Discount for additional booth helpers remains 50% off the regular price
  • Looking at keeping hallway booths as an option (they were new in 2019) but this is not confirmed and will be a spacing issue (if it’s an issue at all)
  • Slight increases ($25 per ad) for most ad options (program booklet, gift bag sponsor, gift bag contributor; social media sponsor increases $10)
  • No opening reception sponsor for 2020, we’re working with the local NOLA pole community to do something to celebrate PoleCon’s 10 year anniversary.
  • Adding an official showcase sponsor for $75 (this has previously been free) + something for up to 4 pole cleaners to wear. Per previous years, you must be an exhibitor to take advantage of this sponsorship.
  • Custom sponsorships mixing and matching options is still available at just about any price point—contact me to chat about options.

Early Bird for booths remains active October 1-January 31, 2020

Expect a moderate price increase per year (or every other year) to keep up with increasing costs (mostly the hotel, the stage is our second highest cost).

Additional Changes:

Performers: All showcases—including Black Girls Pole, Youth and Dangerous Curves—will apply using the Google Form! More info on how to apply coming soon in another blog post. Everyone will apply at the same time rather than rolling admissions using a Google Form available September 1. Everyone will know if they will be performing at PoleCon before early bird expires so you can get the best deal possible.

Parking: prepare to pay for parking if you need to bring a car! Try not to bring a car if you can manage it.

Got questions about any of this? Let me know! I’m happy to answer any questions you have – my goal is to be as transparent as possible.


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