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Live and in Person PoleCon 2021: August 26-29 in New Orleans is a go! 

Thank you for your patience!

Live and in Person PoleCon 2021: August 26-29 in New Orleans is a go!

If you have purchased a PoleCon ticket and are NOT going to come to the August event, please let us know ASAP! You can move your pass to 2022 or you can ask for a refund.

Please note there are several changes listed below. These changes are a mix of COVID-19 related restrictions in NOLA that limit large events that have in turn, have created additional time and financial restrictions.

Current changes:

***UPDATES AS OF JUNE 11, 2021: no limits of overall tickets or entrance into main room. Max 22 people in paid pole workshops (2 per pole) and 32 people in paid non-pole workshops. Performers who are vaccinated will NOT have to wear masks*** More updates as the city changes their regulations! =)

Current changes that may continue to change as laws in NOLA continue to update (the details of regulations have been updating once every two weeks and we anticipate some increases in number of people allowed in the space as we get closer to August): This means we will increase these limits as we are allowed to increase them. AS OF May 28, NOLA has updated restrictions on large events to increase occupancy rates but the updates are a little confusing. Tickets to PoleCon may be limited but we’re not 100% sure yet what those numbers will be. (well, we were sure but the update changed things… :) ) 

  • Potential limited overall tickets to PoleCon
  • Potential limited entrance into main room.
  • Potential limited # of people in workshops.

Things that are unlikely to change by August:

  • Masks are required at all times while in doors when not eating or drinking. Performers may be able to take off masks during performances, we’re not sure yet.
  • An updated liability waiver including a COVID clause will be sent to all attendees to sign BEFORE the event. This is in addition to the waiver in the Wellness Living system.
  • There will be several hand sanitizer stations throughout the space.
  • Livestream options for showcases (both for people in person who can’t fit in the room for the larger, evening showcases + people joining from home). Information on this is coming.
  • We will not mandate vaccinations — this is challenging to manage due to data privacy concerns and easy to fake. I personally am vaccinated. I have been vaccinated and I encourage you to get vaccinated so long as your doctor says that is appropriate to their health situation.
  • 15 min break between workshops to facilitate less crowding.
  • Exhibitor booths may be spread more apart (we’re getting confirmation on this from the hotel)
  • Free workshop room usually in the main room has been moved to a large separate room to accommodate social distancing requirements. We will still be able to accommodate as many people as usual for these workshops.
  • Lunch will likely still be buffet. You point and a Sheraton staff member will move the food for you (there is a chance this could change by August depending on NOLA laws). There will be no boxed lunch for people in workshops BECAUSE there will be a 15-minute break between all workshops including during lunch. Grab a plate and hold it until after your workshop if that isn’t enough time for you to eat. Per usual, we will have vegetarian and gluten free options. Food will be labeled HOWEVER if you have a severe food allergy, we recommend that you arrange your own food options. We will publish the menu ahead of time.
  • No gift bags. We will have some bags from previous events if you absolutely need a bag. All exhibitors will be given a display plastic sleeve so you can scan a QR code to see any discounts or specials they may have for PoleCon rather than sharing fliers (there is a small army that stuffs bags and this limits those interactions as well). Exhibitors will also be highlighted on our social media leading up to the event.
  • Pre-order option for PoleCon apparel. This helps us not spend potentially too much on merchandise that doesn’t sell and guarantees you get your size. More information on that coming soon.
  • No privates will be held at the hotel. Some private may be held at local studios. Workshop leaders will be organizing those separately and setting rates separately. PoleCon is not financially involved in anything that happens outside of the Sheraton convention space.
  • Previous credits from workshops and/or privates can be applied to any new paid workshop starting July 1 when the schedule is released.
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms will be available on two floors of the hotel.
  • We’re going back to plastic wrist bands after trying cloth last year as they are easier to clean/keep clean.
  • Parking is expensive. Plan accordingly.

How to get involved:

We will continue to post/share updates as things solidify (such as how we’re doing the livestream) and if things change (such as increasing number of tickets). Make sure you’re on our email mailing list and following us on social media! Facebook event link.

Personal note:

This has been a very (VERY) hard two years (I signed the first contract for this event in the spring of 2019) of trying to organize our 10th anniversary in-person event and manage the financial fall out. Obviously, the pandemic has changed all our lives. I’m sure there will be some people that are ridiculously excited about this news and some people that think I’m being irresponsible attempting to hold a large-ish event right now. I will continue working to keep us as safe as possible. PLEASE use your best judgement on whether attending is appropriate for you, your family, your health, your work, and whatever other things are relevant to you. I totally understand fear of missing out (FOMO), I really do. I also understand literally you only live once (YOLO) so let’s make that one time we all got at life last as long as possible. If you are able to come and are financially solvent, please buy workshops and spend money with the vendors!

PoleCon will be back in 2022 (I don’t know where yet so don’t ask!) Stay safe!

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