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IPIA logo with text: The Association of Record for the entire pole business community. This includes any and all people that make a living or portion of their living through pole.

New Trade Association for the Pole Industry Launched

Pole dance, the sultry dance style you’ve seen at the Emmy’s, in the Super Bowl and on major TV and movies, has just gotten serious. A new trade association has been founded to support the businesses behind your favorite dance moves.

“Pole is everywhere now – in major movies, TV shows and even as fitness classes in your hometown,” Executive Director Colleen Jolly noted. “The International Pole Industry Association—the IPIA—was created to protect and positively impact the business interests of the entire pole business community.”

“COVID-19 has made it quite clear that small businesses need help. The pole industry with its roots and its present intertwined with sex work makes it harder for pole businesses to receive funding from traditional means.”

The IPIA supports the entire pole business community including any and all people that make a living or a portion of their living through the pole industry: all pole related businesses (service/product/event), studio owners, sex workers/strippers, performers, and teachers through education, discounts, networking, and advocacy and research.

Members join at three tier options, individual, studio or business (2-5 people), and student for an annual fee ranging from $30-$160. All members have the option to be listed publicly in the Member Directory. The IPIA will help give the pole industry a “face” to the outside world and become a hub for those looking to learn more about our industry.

The association launches through the first virtual PoleCon, an event supporting the pole community, with workshops and seminars geared towards those working in the industry on October 17, 2020. Attendees will learn from industry panels discussing important and current topics with speakers from around the world and will enjoy a live and diverse showcase to end the day’s events!

“Forget whatever you think you know about pole,” Jolly said. “Pole is an accessible career choice and serious industry. We’re building a successful, inclusive and sustainable pole industry.”

About International Pole Industry Association: founded in 2020, the IPIA is the first trade association for the pole industry supporting the entire pole business community including any and all people that make a living or a portion of their living through pole.

This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.

To learn more about the IPIA and to become a member, please visit www.poleassociation.org

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