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5 Unofficial Rules for Ladies Night Out at The Strip Club

Going out to the strip club is definitely a guarantee for a great night out, especially as a female patron. We usually find ourselves harping on men for proper etiquette at strip clubs but it is also important for women. Here are few simple and easy to follow rules to ensure a great time for all!

Know How to Dress Yourself

Dress your best but not to impress – Don’t show up looking like the girls there! If you show up in to the club and someone mistakes you for working there, that’s not good. You are attending as a customer so don’t take the clientele from the working girls when you showed up to just have a good time.

DO NOT wear stripper heels – this one goes out to all my pole girls out there. Leave your dancing shoes at home. Some clubs will not even let you in if you show up in your 7 inch platforms.

Dress for interaction – If you plan to get lap dances, especially at a full contact club, don’t wear something that you don’t feel comfortable laying or sitting down in. Women are commonly talked in to getting on stage so be prepared to have clothing possibly removed and parts of your body exposed. Don’t want that type of interaction? Wear something a little more complicated and no one will touch you!

Plan Your Budget Accordingly

YOU WILL SPEND MONEY! And if you don’t want to do so, maybe this is the night for you to stay in. You don’t have to be a high roller and spend a ton of money but it does help to plan out and budget your night ahead of time. Some main strip club expenses include:

  • Door fees ($10-$20)
  • Drink money (depends on how much you plan to drink- treat it like any pricier bar)
  • Stage money ($50+ in ones)
  • Dance money (if you plan to get private dances, look up prices of the club ahead of time)

The Company You Keep

I’ll keep this one short and sweet, leave your significant other at home! UNLESS you both have established that you can handle the environment together, don’t do it together. Nobody wants to be that girl crying in the corner and it makes your friends and the dancers feel very uncomfortable when the green-eyed monster comes out.

Don’t Dance

Another simple and short rule to follow. Leave the dancing to the dancers! This goes back to how you dress. These girls are working hard to sell their bodies on stage, please do not come in and steal the eyes away from them.

Bad Ass Behavior

tip tip tip! If you are sitting at the stage, please put down at least $2! If you don’t have money or for some reason don’t fancy the girl on stage, then leave the stage but please do not sit there and do nothing! It is one of the rudest things you can do at the club

Remember to treat the women with kindness. It surprises me how much rough stage interaction comes from women. Some big do nots include:

  • Do not slap the dancer as hard as you can just because you are a woman
  • Do not try to shove dollars in unwanted places unless presented to do so
  • Do not express dislike for a dancer out loud and at her stage

Remember, strippers are still people with feelings!

Now go out, make it rain, and have some fun!

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