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Pole Dancer executes an ayesha on stage in front of a packed PoleCon audience.

Pole Con Recap!

PoleCon has officially returned!

We had more than 500 attendees from all over the world, almost 100 different workshops and an absolutely amazing slew of performances!

Some things you’re saying about the event (from our survey):

“Many of the vendors were extremely knowledgeable and open to detailed discussions. Trust me, I asked a lot of questions. The hotel was in a good location, within walking distance to many attractions. New Orleans was a great city with a lot of live music opportunities to enjoy. Even the hotel “conference” food was fantastic, and that stuff is usually never good. I believe PoleCon just proved, “Location, location, location.”

“Best Pole Con ever!!! I loved the location & the hotel.”

“Food was awesome!”

“It was very enjoyable. There was something for everyone there. Staff were professional. Instructors great. Performances great. And Crystal and Shay were great MC’s”

“The atmosphere was welcoming, relaxed, and the whole event was so well organized and even the volunteers were awesome people to share the experience with.”

“Loved the location – as it was within walking distance of great tourist spots. We didn’t have to spend extra money on cabs for sight seeing after all the activities were finished. I really appreciated that the event came with food for lunch and breakfast – very high quality food!”

“I LOVED the fact that food was INCLUDED in our ticket this year!”

“Food at the event was excellent. I was concerned about options as a vegetarian, but I had plenty. Staff was helpful and professional. New Orleans is a great town!”

“It was amazing and life changing and cannot wait until next year!”


Thank you everyone for coming to PoleCon! I am overwhelmed by the positive support and comments I have received privately and through social media.

I believe that everyone should have a voice and be encouraged to use that voice. We are one big family ‪#‎unitedbypole and sometimes family members fight and disagree but they always love each other. This PoleCon was a very public way to encourage discussion across groups that might not always agree on what our sport/hobby/dance/career/passion/art is “supposed” to be.

Let’s stop the shaming (slut, fat, gender, style, etc.) and keep the conversations going. Whether you are Olympic-ready or stripper-chic and everything in between, I want you to talk, to share ideas, to fight and then to hug it out as the one big, wacky family we are.

I have invested my time and money in PoleCon but it is not my event — it is yours. And it will continue to grow and reflect the diversity inherent in our amazing community, providing a safe space to explore, express and interact for everyone.

Much love and respect.

We are releasing photos and video through our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/internationalpoleconvention thanks to our Gold Sponsor 123poling.com for all the video and Lakin Jones Photography for the photos!

Thank you X Pole for being our official pole sponsor and Cleo the Hurricane for being our Opening Reception Sponsor!

Thank you to all our silver sponsors:

Volare, MightyGrip, Pole Pressure University, Twisted Polerina

More info about #polecon2016 coming soon!

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