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Feet in red stilettoes kicked up against a pole.

Pole Dancing as a Parent

Pole Dancing, while becoming a little more mainstream, is still taboo in some circles. Pole dancing is associated with stripping, which is considered shady or immoral by some people. Should we tell our children that we love to pole dance?

This isn’t an easy question to answer. Some people would not want their children to know they are pole dancing. My personal choice is yes. I told my children, however, they are ages 23, 20, and 18. Would I have told them if they were younger? Yes… and here’s why.

Open-mindedness comes from an open learning environment. By hiding things, a parent can inadvertently teach their children that whatever they are hiding is “bad.”  Kids are naturally curious and will have many questions about EVERYTHING. Be prepared to answer them truthfully (making sure your answers are age appropriate, as needed).

While some members of society has a negative view on stripping/strippers, I would not want to foster any negative feelings toward that career choice. It is not for everyone, but hey, neither is being a teacher, doctor, etc. If children have questions about this line of work, answer them as best as you can – without judgment. I personally think that adult entertainment can be empowering for a woman (or man) and society is weird to think otherwise.

You have the power to dissociate pole dancing solely with stripping when speaking with your kids and talk about the diversity in pole styles. Pole dancing is fun, plus it requires skill and strength. It makes a dancer feel strong and empowered. Engage your children in these conversations. Teach them diversity. Also teach them that not everyone feels the same way. These differences are what make us interesting.

Would having a pole dancing mommy subject children to needless bullying from other kids? Possibly, but they also have the opportunity to educate their friends to the fitness world of pole. Prepare your kids for this possibility.

Help your children to become open-minded and develop their own critical thinking skills. Let them decide how they want to view things in their life.

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