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What’s in your Pole Bag?

Many of us who pole dance on a regular and not-so-regular basis carry around a pole bag. There are some polers who even keep an emergency pole bags in their cars to ensure they can make it to pole class when life gets hectic. Pole dancers typically bring grip aids, snacks, and maybe a change of clothes to class. There are a few post concerning this topic across the web however, I thought it would be interesting to view items that pole dancers across the states bring to class. I asked around to polers I know as well as those I don’t for a picture and a blurb about what they bring to class. Featured in this post  are a group of pole favs, pole friends, pole siblings, and pole mamas along with their Instagram tags- enjoy!

@chelsea_poles: Chelsea brings dry hands, iTac, Pleasers, ankle weights, massage balls, and her adorable pup!

@summeryiing:  In my bag there’s a small blue bag with dry hands, corn husker for dry skin, KT tape, a wrist guard, cellphone, knee pads, and straps.

@tynesha_b: I bring snacks that are light and quick to eat. Icy hot, because I always have some kind of boo boo. Pre workout if I’m feeling unmotivated. The biggest thing of water I can reasonable pack. Bands to stretch my shoulders, add extra resistance, and train my toe point. A wristband that generally I avoid using. Body spray, and face wipes because I am gross. My favorite grips aids with my favorite being spider chalk

@misstblue: Miss T Blue said that a few things come and go but here are the staples she brings to class in her handmade Wonder Woman bag. A pole top and bottom, iTac, Dry Hands, Homemade pole grip, paper towels, sanitary napkins, flip flops, a granola bar, and most importantly- fruit snacks!

@amac591: In my pole bag I have knee pads and leg warmers for floor work, grip gloves, dry hands in the case I got from my first pso competition, a knee pad for stretching, kinesthetic tape and medical tape, mini hairbrush and hair clips, and plant protein cookie and unsweetened drinkable applesauce for quick snacks.

@sykesr45: I bring lots of things with me to Pole class. A second set of Pole clothes just in case I do multiple classes..gotta be fresh! Sexy shoes and leg warmers, because you ever know when floorwork will happen, multiple pairs of socks for cold feet, mints for fresh breath and dry hands because I’m addicted to it and always my Bluetooth speaker because I might teach a class in another room without audio!

@jenniferknightpole: Got my motivational warm up tank, lotus leggings, bad kitty shorts, sports bra, notebook for jotting ideas and combos down, all the grip aids, water and obviously wine for post workout wine and stretch time!

@candancetv: My Pole bag is always left by my bedroom door in case I need. It always includes:

  • A pair of heels, because there are plenty of Occasions where I need to dance. I own several of heels, so I switch them out every other week.
  • My Pole journals. As an instructor, I need a place to lay out my lesson plans. I also write my goals and any choreography that I think of on the fly.
  • My bag of hand grips. Because you can never have too much Dry Hands
  • A stretching strap (in bag) for warm ups and cool downs
  • Pole cleaning cloths and a cloth I use to apply itac to my body.
  • Multiple pairs of knee pads, because I’m always misplacing one.
  • Cornhusker Lotion, which is non oil based lotion that I wear for Pole. It keeps my skin grippy but doesn’t sweat out. It’s great for the winter.
  • Rubbing alcohol and xPole Pole Cleaner to clean the pole with
  • Sticky grip body spray
  • A pair of knee high socks and leg warmers, for when I want to slide around on the floor
  • And the cat is just for moral support

@_alliemarie: Allie brings ankle weights to train that beautiful iron x!

@thefamousmsvegas: In my big pole bag, I have my boots, knee pads, pole shorts, pedi pleasers, a water bottle, and I have a little pouch with all of my pole grip and my filming stand.

@princessladye: Here is what’s inside of @princessladye’s pole bag!

From Top to Bottom, Right to left

  • Tampons – because you never know if you or your pole sis will need one.
  • Pleasers – my very well worn Pleasers. These are my faves
  • Shaving Cream – I have yet to find a grip that works as well as Barbasol for my legs
  • Lip Butter – I can’t focus on anything with dry lips
  • Knee Pads
  • Notebook and pen
  • Phone charging cord
  • Dry Hands
  • Tic Tac wipes
  • Tiger Balm
  • Firm Grip spray
  • Leg warmers – I actually usually carry two pairs of leg warmers with me. I am always cold
  • Deodorant
  • This is a note card from the first BGP Retreat. Dalijah asked us to write encouraging notes to ourselves so I keep it in my pole bag as a reminder of that amazing week I had.
  • Hoodie – again, my body doesn’t retain heat well so I always have some layers with me
  • iPad – I usually bring this with me for when I want to look up some sort of video or tutorial. Also, as a PSO Ambassador, someone is usually asking me a question about competition so it helps to have this handy.
  • I should also mention that my phone has an anti-gravity case that I use to stick to the mirrors for videos.

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