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An instructor spots a student as she leans back during a workshop at PoleCon.

A Beginner poler's pep talk to attending Pole Con

So you’re thinking about coming to International Pole Convention 2016, or know someone who attended last year and swooned over their posts and photos. I want to take the time to reintroduce myself. My name is Ariel Blanco, and I was a IPC 2015 blogger and was invited back on the team for 2016! I am pretty much what you would consider (like most of you) a true die hard pole fan!! I am ecstatic to be back writing for all of you! This blog is dedicated to all the polers who stalked their instructors and pole con’s instagrams dreaming that one day they might be “good or strong” enough to attend this amazing event.

Me on the left and my non-poler best friend on the right at IPC 2012
Me on the left and my non-poler best friend on the right at IPC 2012

I know these thoughts all too well. And I frequently see comments from fellow pole lovers say, “Maybe I’ll come next year when I’m stronger.”   I started pole dancing in 2012 just 8 months before Pole Con 2012 in features of sex with BBW Los Angeles; I have been involved in the pole online community since day 1 of my journey and that’s how I heard about it. At the time, I was still struggling to catch my breath after a few climbs, and I definitely was nowhere near achieving an invert. After hearing about IPC 2012, I thought, “Hey, I have some extra cash to go to this event, I’m going to go” then told myself, “Well, no maybe I should save my money, I’ll be out of place with everyone busting out jades and ayesha’s.” I’m so glad I didn’t listen to that second voice in my head and actually went!! My best friend who never even touched a pole attended with me! We still talk about how fun it was.

Pole Con has evolved immensely since then, but even at that time I was able to get so much out of it a baby poler. The showcases, the shopping (oh my poor bank account), and of course workshops! But, back then, workshop levels were not as clearly listed, so it made picking workshops more of a task. Even though I ended up in a ridiculously advanced workshop with Marion Crampe, I can still explain exactly how she broke down a marion amber. I can’t even begin to explain to you how enriching it was to watch everyone in the workshop try the move, and some sat back with me and really soaked in her teaching style.

My point is, these workshops were not competitive then and surely aren’t now.   It’s much easier now to know exactly what workshops are for you because of the resources that are made available. An example of what I mean, here is 2015’s cheat sheet. You’ll notice that no one is left out regardless of level or style! There is literally something for everyone; beginners are especially taken into account when workshops are being created. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to feel left out when you read the workshop descriptions.

Workshops aside, I had the time to really connect and interact with pole community, pole stars included. It’s so hard not to be starstruck, but they want to converse with you; that’s why they are there. They love pole just as much as you, and this is their career, so please walk up and talk to them! I especially enjoyed conversing with Josiah Grant this year along with Annemarie Davies. It was so refreshing to see their faces light up and how down to earth they truly are! I did the same thing in 2012 when I walked up to Zoraya Judd; if I would not have walked up to her and experienced the genuine support in the beginning of my pole path, I probably would have quit pole. If I would not have attended Pole Con, I probably would have quit. Speaking for myself, I know that would have been the reality.

Me at Pole Con 2015 at Cleo the Hurricane's Rockin' Welcome Party
Me at Pole Con 2015 at Cleo the Hurricane’s Rockin’ Welcome Party

Pole Con catapulted me into my path of successfully sticking with pole. It helped me see that everyone is truly different and everyone is embraced. It continues to astound and offer quality EVERYTHING! So, please, don’t let that little “I can’t do that yet” voice in your head keep you from any life experience. I can attest that it is an experience of a lifetime. It’s YOUR Pole Con, and always remember to climb high!



Ariel Blanco
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