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Dark silhouette of a dancer leaning on a pole with blurred background.

Pole at the Superbowl

In case you somehow missed Shakira and J.Lo’s super lit halftime show, Shakira worked it out and J.Lo graced us once again with some pole tricks. She even hired several pole dancers (interview with them coming soon to the PoleCon…

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Students practice floorwork in a studio

How students motivate their teachers

While every studio is structured differently, pole instructors must (at a minimum) be an expert at “their moves” (and regularly learn new moves); be an engaging coach always motivating, entertaining and challenging; be a proponent of effective safety strategies—aware of…

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Head shot of an individual eating a burger

How to Eat for Pole Dancing

Ahh FOOD! If you think about it in many ways most of our daily activities revolve around it in some way or another. Whether we’re meal prepping, planning a dinner, meeting friends for a snack, or going to the movies…

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Pole dancer doing a shoulder mount while musician plays the guitar on stage

Is pole dancing a sport or an art form?

Serious question Ladies and Gentleman. Why do we still have naysayers and various people still debating whether or not pole fitness is an actual sport?? According to google’s trusty dictionary, the definition of a sport is an activity involving physical…

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