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Pole dance students wait on stage poles for a workshop to start.

What is the difference between group classes vs. privates?

Thinking about starting pole, but you are unsure what classes will work best for you? Do you feel nervous about being in a group setting full of spinners and tricksters that will seemingly (and possibly literally) spin circles around you? Maybe you’re nervous about working one on one with one the Pros you look up to in your respective region to accomplish your #polegoals. While these are all valid points (and def common fears), I’ve learned in my journey that not everything is for everyone. Like many things in life some people prefer one thing oppose to the other. Trying new, different and sometimes scary things, are what help us to become the best version of ourselves on and off the pole. As with life, there are pros and cons to both types of class.

Pros of Group Classes

  • The opportunity to build community and connect with your fellow pole sisters
  • A curriculum built around the specific focus by the instructor
  • More hands to record when you finally nail the trick you’ve been working on FOREVER
  • An entire cheer squad once you’ve landed said trick
  • Group classes tend to be a tad more affordable

Pros of Private Classes

  • An individualized and specific curriculum created solely to and for you
  • The instructors undivided attention
  • More time to work on specific tricks, transitions or choreography
  • The option to tailor your workout to your needs
  • Depending on how many times you attend your private lessons, being one on one with the instructor enables you to build a relationship with them

All in all, as I stated before, different things work for different people—and you’ll find all these options at PoleCon!

Try all avenues to make sure it is something that will work for you. Making sure you’re comfortable is an asset to your pole journey as it will keep you disciplined, and you will be more inclined to keep coming to class. If you’ve been struggling to pull the trigger, research studios and instructors in your area and see what will be the best fit. Once you’ve done your initial research and do more by stopping by said studios, taking tours, DM-ing your favorite instructor on IG, etc. Good luck and Happy Poling!

Check the schedule for PoleCon 2019 for all group classes! Private classes available by request.


Kira Porter
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