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The Rise of Pole Dancing as an Art Form

Pole dancing is well known to bring a variety of benefits to those who partake in the activity, from helping to burn calories quickly to developing balance, reducing stress, and even benefiting the heart. However, pole dancing is much more than…

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Land a Fun Gig Using Your Pole Dancing Skills

Fashion magazine Vogue reported that Vivetta Ponti unveiled her ready-to-wear fall collection in February with the help of pole dancing models. The unlikely combination of extravagant Italian fashion usually showcased on runways and pole dancing offers you fantastic inspiration of how…

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Healthy Eating for Pole Dancers

The days that pole dancing is believed to be just for young women with modelesque physiques are, thankfully, long gone. Today, men and women of all shapes and sizes (and ages) are embarking on fulfilling pole-dancing journeys that provide them with…

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