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Why There Is No Black Friday Sale This Year

Why there is no Black Friday Sale this year

Historically, since PoleCon’s rebirth in 2014, we have offered a discount off of the Weekend Pass to PoleCon every Thanksgiving weekend for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

This year, we are not offering that discount.

The first reason we are not offering a discount this year is that we are concerned about being able to host the 2021 event in June in New Orleans. Currently, we are experiencing a worldwide spike in COVID-19 cases and lockdowns or new restrictions are happening to varying degrees everywhere.

Before we sell more tickets than the ones that customers have moved from the canceled inperson 2020 event, we want to make sure we can safely hold this event. While tickets are technically available for sale on our website, we are not pushing people to buy and are focusing on sharing memories from previous events now that #VirtualPoleCon has concluded.

The second reason we are not offering a discount this year is that we’d rather you spend money on our vendors, workshops leaders and other members of our overall pole—not just PoleCon—community. While this pandemic has caused much harm, one positive thing is the access to variety of amazing virtual workshops, virtual competitions, virtual performances and the creativity of all our pole industry professionals.

Please stay safe and we hope to see you soon!

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