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Pole Dance Your Way to a Toned Body

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez put in months of hard work and training to perfect her pole dancing scene in the movie “Hustlers.” Pole dancing may look easy when done by pros, but the reality is, it involves rigorous training. The good news is, pole dancing offers plenty of benefits to the body and your mental health. It is not a surprise then that pole dancing is growing in popularity across the world — it could even make it as a sport in the Olympic Games in the future.

Develops Muscle Tone

There are several ways to gain muscle and lose fat. Exercise, along with a protein-rich diet and appropriate supplements, helps build muscle growth. One of the major benefits of pole dancing is that it improves muscle tone. When you get on that pole and follow a set nutritional guide, you’ll effectively grow your muscle and strengthen your bones. Doing so also helps you achieve flexibility and maintain the strength needed to perform.

Dancing on a pole involves lifting your body weight for long periods of time as well as climbing onto something that has no foot hold, thereby building your strength to an even greater level. In addition, you will also turn your body upside down repeatedly, which requires careful endurance and suppleness in the muscles.

Enhances Cardiovascular Fitness and Improves Coordination

As you exercise on the pole, all your muscles are being worked improving the flow of blood to your heart and brain. Thus, pole dancing improves cardiovascular health. When you are physically fit, you reduce the chances of contracting heart problems and other diseases. A good workout also contributes to your overall health. You enjoy a better quality of sleep and are therefore alert physically and mentally if you are not deprived of rest.

Pole dancing improves body coordination and rhythm. You might be clumsy in the beginning, but as you work on your moves, your natural rhythm will coordinate your movements with the song or music that you’re dancing to.

Improves Mental Health and Wellbeing

Pole dancing is also empowering. Dancing and choreographing your movements on the pole is no easy feat. Hence, when you master your moves and even develop new styles, you feel a sense of elation and achievement. Moreover, as you tone up that body with a great cardio workout, you improve your self-confidence and feel empowered. You’re going to be proud of your body and will not feel embarrassed to dress up in fitting clothes.

The endorphins released by exercise have benefits as well on your mental health. These hormones secreted by the brain and produced throughout the body make you happier and more energetic. You will feel less stressed and anxious contributing to a good wellbeing. Furthermore, pole dancing is a fantastic outlet to relieve stress. After a good workout on a pole, you’ll feel calmer and relaxed improving your general wellbeing.

Taking up pole dancing as an alternative form of exercise and workout offers lots of benefits. It enhances muscle tone, builds cardiovascular health, and improves self-confidence, mental health, and wellbeing.

Lucy Hardy
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