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Dumped out purse with makeup, wallet, nail polish.

What is in a poler’s purse?

The other day, my friend picked up my purse and said “Gahlee, is it a dead body in your bag.” I replied, “ No! Just a few essentials I need!

What’s in your purse? I know a lot of polers probably carry pole grip in their purses because you never know when you may see an awesome street pole that you may want to bust a move on. The street pole may be a little slippery, but that’s not a problem for you because you always carry your Dry Hands.

Hmmm…. What’s in my purse? Let’s open it and see….Pole Poised Grip, Aloe Vera Gel, razor, pole shorts, sports bra, wallet, allen key, aux cord, mini speaker, chapstick, earphone, notebook and pen! Wow, that’s a lot of stuff.

I always keep my pole grip in my purse. I never want to forget it and not have it for pole class.

Plenty of times I have hurried off from the house trying to make it to pole class on time and end up forgetting my pole shorts. So now I won’t forget my pole shorts anymore.  I always leave a pair of pole shorts in my bag. It sucks being in class and everyone is doing thigh holds, but you can’t do them because you have pants on.  A few times I took a pair of scissors and cut my pants, so I could do all the moves. I think I have more shorts than leggings now!

All I wear are sports bras! I hate wearing regular bras. I only wear regular bras when I go out on dates.

A razor in your purse is a must! You never know when you may have a few peekers. You don’t want to be Harry Barry. Lastly, we must have a wallet to pay for pole class.  Ooo yea I carry my notebook to write notes for my pole goals.

Everyone won’t understand why we carry the stuff we carry in our purse. Only us polers will understand.

What’s in your purse?


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