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Row of kids playing on various aerial apparatus.

Interview with Tanya Christopher (Vertical Kidz)

Tanya, a long time regular teacher at PoleCon, is bringing the first ever workshop geared specifically for kids!

What made you want to start teaching kids?

When younger I taught dance to kids for afterschool programs as well as over 20 different daycares before landing a contracted choreographer position.  After I opened my pole studio, Amorous Dance Pole and Fitness I realized I could help more people achieve goals and keep the youth on the right track, so I then began my Vertical Kidz program.  Vertical Kidz are our Future Leaders In Fitness. www.VerticalKidz.com   

Are there any signature moves the kids will be learning?

The kids will learn how to Valdez Pike the pole, Ninja rolls on the pole, 3-step to 6-step, Cricket, Baby Freeze, Worms, and other fun pole ninja type moves.

What level should I be at before taking this class?

All children will be at different levels just like adults.    Our goal for all of the children is to make sure they are all having fun and that each child is able to take something home they can practice and would want to practice on their own.  We are their motivators and welcome newcomers as well as advanced for this class.

What do you recommend individuals should bring to this class? 

The children should bring water, shorts, pants, sneakers, dryhands (if needed), inhalers (if necessary), and Knee Pads are optional.

What is your favorite combo to teach?

My favorite combo to teach is the Valdez Pike into a Valdez Stance into a Reverse Fan-Kick.

How long have you been pole dancing?

I have been poling for almost 11 years now as I started by taking a sample class and then training to instruct.   My studio, Amorous Dance Pole and Fitness will hit its 7-year anniversary this September 26th.

Which do you enjoy more? Teaching kids or adults?

Tricky question!  Ha ha ha ha!  As much as I love both, I do favor my adults.  Children are impressionable and are easier to shape in the form of self-confidence and discipline.  Children are usually easier to help with extremely stressful circumstances they may have going on such as; bullying, divorce, death, and youth cancers, as they will need to feel accepted and a part of a supportive group like our Vertical Kidz program.   My adult clients have so much experience in life and stress galore.   To be able to help an adult re-find their confidence (male and female) and step into their own self-worth definitely is a personal honorable enjoyment.   Sometimes we can lose ourselves and we are not always strong enough to pick ourselves back up.   We were meant to help one another, to bond, and to find the beauty in each and every soul around us.    Reprogram the mind and you can achieve anything.

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