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Jax Spenser leans back during floor work in a performance wearing a half-mask

Interview with Jax Spencer

We sat down to talk with Jax Spencer! She’ll be teaching a paid workshop for the first time at #polecon2021 ! What do you love about being a pole instructor? The students. The community. The love. Oh, and the heels.…

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Photo of Gemma Lux doing floor work on stage

Interview with Gemma Lux!

We sat down to talk with Gemma Lux! She'll be teaching and performing at PoleCon AND will be conducting Cleo the Hurricane's new certification held in the days before #polecon2018 officially kicks off. Tell us more about Cleo's new classes?…

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Kapi Huria wearing a mask and posing in a flexi-position against a pole.

An Interview with Kapi Huria

PoleCon workshop leader and performer and Pole-in-Pants sensation—we sat down to talk with Kapi Huria, our first New Zealander to come to PoleCon! Mica (M): How did your pole journey start? Kapi (K): My pole journey started in 2011 when…

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Linday Lithe in cursive text with several images of the performer in complex pole maneuvers.

An Interview with Lindsay Lithe

PoleCon workshop leader and performer, pole competitor and instagram sensation—we sat down to talk with Lindsay "Agent" Lithe. Mica (M): How did your pole journey start? Lindsay (L): I was in a bad relationship and wanted to get back to…

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Pole dancer poses on a pole at the Fit 4 Polers studio.

Performing Vs Competing

Ohhhh No!! It’s that time of year again. The girls in the pole community are going crazy! Why is everyone going crazy??? It’s Pole Competition season in the DC metro area! April starts The Atlantic Pole Championship also known as…

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