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Old fashioned wild west background with text: PoleCon 2016, Fort Worth, Texas

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…to Attend Pole Con!

Whether you’re a seasoned pole dancer or just starting out, the idea of attending having an annual event that is basically a one-stop-shop for all of your pole dancing needs is incredibly exciting. At the International Pole Convention, anything is possible (and I really mean anything!) If you’ve never attended one of these incredible events, it can be a tad overwhelming with all that’s available for you to do. Don’t worry, my fine poler friends. The Pole Comedian has got your back! Here are 5 things to expect when you’re expecting…to attend Pole Con!

Numero Uno: Get the Camera Ready!

Pink Puma -- OMG!
Pink Puma — OMG!

The first thing that happens after you check into your hotel is you start to see familiar faces. Personally, I was able to meet 8/10 of my all time favorite pole dancers within the first 10 minutes of checking in to the convention. The best part is that they are totally there to mingle and meet people just like you. Don’t be afraid to go up to them, have a chat, and take a quick photo. Trust me, it will make your day and theirs!

Number 2: Burn Baby Burn

While there is an incredible amount of free workshops and free performances (did I mention the word FREE?) happening all weekend long, there are also a lot of things worth buying at the convention. With all of the amazing vendors, workshops, and private sessions available, it should be no surprise that your will power might not be so mighty by the end of the weekend. Set a budget for yourself and get ready to spend some money. Trust me, it’s absolutely worth it! Nothing feels better than to come home triumphant with a new pole move nailed, new pole clothing purchased, and some incredible new aspirations for what you want to work on next.

Number 3: Prepare Yourself for a Showdown (and Possibly a Dance Party)

So much awesome stuff going on!!
So much awesome stuff going on!!

As I said before, there are a ton of epic showcases going on throughout the weekend. From “Men in Pole,” to “Pole Comedy,” to “Sexy Pole” Showcases, taking the time to watch some of these will enable you to get an excellent sampling of copious styles of pole dancing. BONUS! Watching other people dance might bring inspiration to your own style and dancing (trust me, I’m a Unicorn!). Not to mention the fact that a dance party can and will break out at any given moment. It’s a lot of fun and you get to cheer on your favorite dancers!

Number 4: Prepare for FREE FOOD

If you didn’t already know, with your ticket to Pole Con, you also get free lunch! The food is delicious and definitely worth it! It is so nice not to have to leave the convention center mid-day to find a place to eat, especially when you’re so caught up in what’s going on at the convention. Take advantage of this; you won’t be disappointed!

Number 5: Prepare to Explore

The Amazing Water Gardens in Fort Worth
The Amazing Water Gardens in Fort Worth

Pole Con takes place at various locations. Each one has it’s own unique culture and set of attractions. Capitalize on the fact that you are traveling somewhere new and schedule some time to explore the area. This past year, myself and my roomie went to the Water Gardens right next to our hotel and had a blast! We were also afforded the opportunity to partake in some local cuisine that was the bomb.com. Part of the joy of going to PoleCon is the opportunity to travel and experience new things; make sure you schedule time to enjoy some adventures!

Whether you choose to glue yourself front row center for every single showcase or take private lessons from ALL of your favorite pole stars, coming to the International Pole Convention is sure to be a blast. Live it up and don’t forget to enjoy yourself while you’re there!!!!

Amy Rosvally
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