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Performing Vs Competing

Ohhhh No!! It’s that time of year again. The girls in the pole community are going crazy! Why is everyone going crazy??? It’s Pole Competition season in the DC metro area! April starts The Atlantic Pole Championship also known as APC. The Pole Sport Organization organizes APC. They host multiple pole competition throughout the year. In the month of May, the US Aerial competition is held in New York. SuperShag is usually held in Boston in September.

So many people are entering pole competition hoping to be the next pole star.  Most competitions you have to pay an entrance fee. So trust me, girls take these competitions very seriously.

To get ready for a pole competition you must find the perfect song, pick what level and category you want to enter, figure out your costume, and plan a routine.

Before you pick a song ….You have to choose what category and level you want to enter. This may be pretty challenging . They are so many different categories.  Read the rules so you can figure out what moves you can use and can’t use.

Finding the perfect song can be hard. You have to figure out what genre of music you want to use. What song have you been listening to a lot lately? What song can you use to tell a story? What song can you pull out emotion from? I love songs that change the up-tempo. You can play around with a song that has a lot of tempo.

After you pick a song — now it’s time to work on a routine. First, freestyle to the song and figure out what cool moves you can come up with. After that write down some of the moves you did while freestyling. Your routine should consist of spins, transitions and tricks. Never put any tricks in that you don’t feel comfortable with yet.

Now lastly the costume! Make sure the costume matches the theme of your song. Make sure the clothes are not revealing. Sports bra and shorts that come over the booty cheeks are perfect. You don’t want to get disqualified (some competitions have strict rules!).  Keep working on your routine till competition day. On your rest day work on floorwork. Don’t over do it. You don’t want to get an injury before a big competition.

Performing is so much easier than competing. Everyone is more relaxed during a showcase. You have to do the same thing as you prepare for the competition minus paying to enter. Some girls get comfortable with showcases instead of preparing a routine they freestyle. I love freestyling. They call me the “Free Style Queen.” I feel so free when I freestyle. I don’t feel locked-in or afraid.  I just go along with the music. If you haven’t freestyled you should try it out.

I love performing!!

Both are very similar. Competition can be stressful, but just get ready to put on your gameface and have fun!


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