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Pole dance troupe all in white pose together as a group.

Are you a new poler?

Dear New and Potential Pole Students:

I’ve been asked recently what advice I would give a new pole student or someone considering class and here’s what I’ve compiled:

1. Just fucking do it! You are *NOT* too fat, too weak, too clumsy, or otherwise incapable of pole dancing. I promise. Even if it’s not for you, at least you’ll have some fun.

2. Don’t wear lotions, oils, or jewelry to class. You’re welcome.

3. You’re going to want shorts. Also the more advanced you get, you’ll either end up wearing more clothing for sliding around on the floor or less clothing to stick to the pole better. You won’t even realize it’s happening. One day you’ll walk into pole class wearing pole shorts that cover less than your standard underwear while simultaneously keeping warm inside of an obscure onesie. True story.

4. Get comfortable with feeling awkward; the more you own it, the less awkward you’ll look and feel. Also, It gets better. I promise.

5. Your instructors are people not gods. They make mistakes but more importantly there was once a time when they also stood where you do now; as a first time pole student. Don’t believe me? Ask to see their Instagram and go *all* the way back.

6. Take a rest day. Overtraining is bad for you and this shit is hard

7. Practice both sides; one side will suck but the more you do it the better it gets. BONUS; it’ll help you avoid injury.

8. Stop comparing yourself to the other kids in class. Their journey has nothing to do with yours and you don’t know what mountains they’ve gone through to be where they are now. Focus on your own journey and be proud of your accomplishments (and their). Repeat after me: their success is NOT your failure and visa versa.

9. Stop saying you can’t and start saying “maybe not today but perhaps tomorrow”. You will not get everything on the first go. Fuck. It took me *FOUR AND A HALF YEARS* to be able to do a chopper or aerial invert. Keep trying. One day, it’ll just click.

10. When in doubt, crash mat out. Don’t be a dummy and do something that feels even vaguely dangerous without a crash mat or a spotter.

Lastly, HAVE FUN! If it doesn’t add to your life then there’s no reason to be doing it.

Pole dancing is hard but it comes with a very supportive and loving community filled with the sexiest most diverse, badass people I know.

Join us. We have cake*.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Pole Comedian

*The Cake is a lie…sometimes.

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Amy Rosvally
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