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Pole dancer along with text: The Eagle Project pole move tutorial

The Eagle Project: Part 4 — You’re An EAGLE!

So you’ve put in the work and you think you’re ready for the final task. First thing is first, “how do I get my damn foot behind my head?” In this final part, I will talk you through how to grab the foot and safely pull in behind you as well as how to actually get in to the magical eagle move itself. Make sure you follow the progression below in order! Do not attempt the eagle until you have comfortably completed everything else listed! I am so excited for you!

*You know the drill! Be extra warm before joining the feet for hats club!*

Contorting With a Strap

For this one you will need a yoga strap. Hook the strap around your foot. Using the pole for support, lean your chest in to the pole and pull the strap over your shoulder like you have a sack of potatoes. Make sure your elbow is down and close to the body. You will then lift up and try to get the foot at high as possible and close to your head. This is very beneficial for the active flexibility required for the eagle.


Contorting With a Heel

Put a heel on the leg you are going to be contorting. You will then point your foot and make a serving platter hand to grab the heel. Follow the same steps as you did with the strap. Make sure you push up with your thigh while you pull with your hands. Squeeze your back like you’re trying to get your tailbone to touch your head. Using a heel makes it easier to grab the foot and contort. You can then work your hands closer to your foot to eventually work up to not need that heel.


Contorting Barefoot

Time to ditch that heel and hang with the big boys! Follow the exact same steps as contorting with heel. This time when you grab your foot, you will flex it in order to give yourself something to grab. Once your flexibility improves, you will be able to keep that foot pointed the entire time!


Eagle Time!!!!

You’ve made it! It’s time to work through getting that move! As stated before, DO NOT attempt until you are comfortable with all of the stretches above. This is and advanced move and not safe if done incorrectly.

Step 1 – Get in to an aerial ballerina however you please (There are many different methods for getting in to this move) – Make sure you have a nice tight bottom hook. That leg is deceiving and does a lot more than it looks.


Step 2 – Reach the free arm behind you and cup the pole. You will then pull your neck to the pole and wrap the head around. As you do so, continue to think of spiraling your spine up around the pole like a corkscrew.


Step 3 – get that platter hand ready and grab that foot! – Keep pulling with that cupped hand to maintain grip and stability on the pole.


Step 4 – This is it! You’re going to do it! Look for that foot, engage that thigh, pull with that hand and then take that cupped hand off to grab the foot. Think of making yourself long as if you’re trying to fly up the pole. And boom! You’re in an eagle!


And there you have it! Remember to breathe and take this move slowly. Don’t do it every day right away. Keep up the stretching and before you know it, you’ll be the bendiest one around!

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