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Grip Changes Unlocked

Are you an advanced poler looking to take yourself to pro level? Do you feel solid in all of your Ayesha grips but want something more? It is time for you to master the magical grip change! NOTE: Before working…

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I hope you have been doing you stretches because it is time to take these splits to the pole! Now, the perfect jade split isn’t going to happen in an instant. My biggest advice, besides consistent stretching, is to do…

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So, you’ve oohd and ahhd over the jade split queens of the pole community and now you are wondering, “how can I make my jade look like that?!” I have good news for you and that is that you are…

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Tips to Improve Your Floor Jade

Although the Jade Split (a.k.a. Jamilla) has been around so long it’s considered old school, it’s pole-less counterpart has been in the spotlight... and for good reason! It’s a totally photo-worthy, show-stopping way to show off your bendy legs (and…

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The Eagle Project: Part 2

So you’ve got your shoulders all stretched out and you’re ready for the next step, right? Next, we are going to move down the body, to the back. Technically back flexibility is back engagement so I am going show you…

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