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An Interview With CEO Of PoleCon, Colleen Jolly

An Interview with CEO of PoleCon, Colleen Jolly

The International Pole Convention AKA PoleCon is the original pole convention type-event. This year it’s running from June 4-7th in New Orleans and is now one of a growing number of pole industry events held annually in the US. I had heard the name mentioned in conversation but I didn’t know much about it until I had a sit down with new owner, Colleen Jolly. She gave me all the essential details about PoleCon 2015 and why you should attend.

Nikki: Why was PoleCon created?
Colleen: The International Pole Convention was created to give the pole community a place to come together, share ideas and support one another.

N: How long has it been running?
C: PoleCon was founded in 2009 by Jessalynn Medairy and ran through 2013. It was canceled in 2014 and that is when I purchased the event to reinvigorate it.

N: Every year PoleCon comes to a different city. What are some cities that hosted the convention in the past?
C: In 2010 we were in National Harbor, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC. In 2011, it was West Palm Beach. In 2012 we were in LA. In 2013 we went back to West Palm Beach.

PoleCon2N: Why did you choose New Orleans as this year’s host city?
C: We were looking for a location that had a strong reputation for being fun and unique. We’ve visited New Orleans several times for business and for pleasure and fell in love with the people, the culture and the food—oh the food is so amazing! We can’t wait to share this amazing place with all our pole sisters and brothers.

N: PoleCon is billed as an international convention. What countries are represented at PoleCon?
C: We have international instructors whose home countries include Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Thailand and the UK. For attendees – folks are pouring in from all over the world. I spoke to two Swedish sisters coming to the US for the first time to come to PoleCon.

N: What can people expect when they come to PoleCon?
C: People can expect lots of options and lots of free things included in the price of their All Access Pass. There are free seminars and workshops, free showcases and an amazing vendor area with all the pole things you could possibly want. We’re also providing a free welcome reception with drinks and snacks Thursday night, lunch Friday and Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.

PoleCon3N:What do you want people to get out of Pole Con?
C: We want people to find their community within pole and also to challenge their beliefs about what pole means to them. We want everyone to appreciate all the many facets of pole; whether you’re stripper-chic or Olympic-ready and everything in between. We want you to feel at home at PoleCon.

N: There are so many pole conventions. Why should people come to Pole Con? What sets you apart from every other convention?
C: Diversity. We’ve worked hard to balance workshops so everyone from the pole newbie to the pro-level competitor can find a workshop that is appropriate for them. We’ve also got non-stop showcases highlighting much of the multi-faceted pole community from Black Girls Pole to Dangerous Curves (for plus sized male and female polers) to several of the big competitions to even fitness demos. There really is something for everyone!

N: What is the one must attend event/class that Pole Con offers?
C: This week we’ve announced a special free seminar called, “The Future of Pole.” It’s a moderated discussion by some of the biggest names in pole. Pole stars, pole competitions, pole products and pole personalities will talk about where they see the industry going. I’m super excited for this one!

PoleCon1N: Who are some of the special guests or top billed instructors at Pole Con?
C: We have so many stars whose workshops and performances we can’t wait to see! For the first time our Thursday night welcome reception is hosted by Cleo the Hurricane. Her party is not to be missed!

N: Who benefits the most from Pole Con? Advanced pole dancers? Instructors? Studio owners?
C: Everyone, really. There are opportunities for the hobbyist to come and just check things out all the way up to people who are thinking about opening their own studio or folks who have been in the industry a long time. Whether you’re just getting into pole or have lived and breathed it for the past decade – PoleCon is the place for you!

To learn more about PoleCon, view scheduled events, purchase tickets or promote your fitness related business, visit the PoleCon Website !



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