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Michula Nunez swinging around a pole in half-bracket grip.

An Interview with Michula Nunez

PoleCon workshop leader, studio owner, sexy pole beast—we sat down to talk with the extraordinary dancer, Michula Nunez from California.


Mica: How did your pole journey start? How old were you? How many times a week do you exercise?

Michula: Prior to my pole journey, I was running between 8 – 12 miles a day. I was 29 or 30. One morning, as I was preparing for a lab in my classroom, I heard a morning radio show interviewing a lady who installed some poles and was teaching pole dancing. I called within in minutes asking the owner if she needed an instructor. And so it began. My pole journey simultaneously coincided with getting certified to teach other group fitness classes – Pilates, Spin, and more. And when I opened my own studio in 2006, I also began experimenting in other forms of dance, such as ballet, contemporary dance, and modern jazz with emphasis in the methodology of Lestor Horton. I am so grateful for pole fitness in my life for all of these reasons!

Mica: When did you start taking pole more seriously?

Michula: I began to take pole more seriously when I first began teaching it in 2001. I saw the importance to instruct beginners with concise language, guided imagery, and structure/methodology. I became to appreciate it more as I saw a need to bridge understanding and progress and wanted this for my students.

Mica: When was your first performance?

Michula: About a year after opening my own studio, I wanted to create a burlesque dinner show in Redlands for our newly founded burlesque troupe, Better than Cheescake. I worked with a new restaurant to organize this event and dove into creating choreo. It was a very challenging task as it was my first time organizing music, menu, costumes, and all other fine details. For many of the ladies who had volunteered, it was their first time since kids at performing. It was so fun and soon birthed my desire to create a pole show, Rock the Pole!

Mica: What is the most common mistake among pole artist?

Michula: To forsake humility.

Mica: What is your current pole nemesis?

Michula: My nemesis moves are the ones that require flexibility and overall leg length. I have finally come to accept that my legs are short but continue to work on my flexibility! It is a daily struggle. I wish I could just run or lift weights to acquire it. But that would be too easy.

Mica: What is your favorite pole move?

Michula: I am loving acro moves! For me acro elements are those that use the floor and pole for leverage to create some low profile tricks that are great to begin a routine with! And for my students, they see that, they too, can do handstands even without a background in gymnastics! Very fulfilling for my students and as an instructor!

Mica: Where/who do you get your inspiration from?

Michula: I don’t know about you, but I scroll on my Facebook newsfeed and on my Instagram feed and get inspired within minutes looking for music to try, a new twist on a trick on a chair/pole, a piece of choreo either exotic or pole fitness technique – the list is endless. I love being inspired. And my lists of artists has evolved over the years. One artist that comes to mind right now and that I adore are Olga Koda for her contemporary exotic style and her overall strength and technique!

Mica: What training regimes/Diets do you have?

Michula: I eat clean and drink water. No soda or “low calorie” alternatives. Training includes: strength; cardio; and endurance training.

Mica: What competition are you currently training for?

Michula: I don’t know if I will ever compete again – I prefer to perform! I feel freedom when I can create without restrictions! Performing is when the real me comes out!

Mica: How long have you had you pole studio?

Michula: I opened my studio on February 26, 2007 and just celebrated our 8 year anniversary! So blessed!

Mica: What made you want to own your own studio?

Michula: Multiple factors caused me to open my own studio. Primarily, it was accepting and wanting that I could do it better on my own. My husband had been telling me for a few years to open my own. It is so funny, but, I never heard him. He believed in me the whole time!

Mica: Are you excited about Pole Con?

Michula: I am extremely excited to Pole Con!

Mica: Why do you want to go to PoleCon?

Michula: I want to go to Pole Con because it is an industry event – full of talent and members of our pole community who live and breathe for pole like me! I love our Pole Community and it is events like Pole Con that feed my addiction!

Mica: What should people expect from your workshop at PoleCon?

Michula: You should expect authentic exotic technique fused with acrobatic elements that are fun to do on your significant other’s lap that will make them feel a part of the dance. So often when acro is performed on the partner during the lap dance, the partner feels disconnected and more like an apparatus! The choreo that I create will be provocative and exciting for both the lap dance receiver and the giver!


Take her AcroLap dance class Friday at 1pm in the Non Pole Room.

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