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individual staring angrily at the camera with smoke coming out of her ears.

Five types of annoying people in your pole class

You may have met one or all of them throughout your pole dance journey. Please don’t be any of these divas!

1. The Fashionably Late

This person always comes to class late as her clock never works. She arrives after the class has started. She is running around to pick up yoga mat, finding her own space and asking hundreds of questions while everyone else has already got into the class routine. Then she interrupts the whole class as teacher has to stop to brief her on what is going on.

Note to the Fashionably Late: Don’t come to class late. It is disrespectful to your teacher and fellow classmates. Coming to class late and missing out a part of warmup can also increase your risk of being injured.

2. The Notorious Show-Off

This girl likes to show off that she can easily do tricks and combos in class after only one try. She is skilled, has perfect lines and executes everything so gracefully. She even adds her own twist and improv into the tricks and combos sometimes. Whenever she does something, she makes sure that everyone else stops to watch her. Yes you admire her for her skills but you do wonder whether she really belongs to a higher level and this class is too easy for her.

Note to the Notorious Show-Off: You do deserve credit for your hardwork and practice, but it does not mean you need to steal the attention in class and intimidate others all the times. Help your neighbor who is struggling with the same trick. She will really appreciate your tips and advice.

3. The Mean Girls

Have you ever attended a class and been told by someone that you could not use that pole because it was reserved for her friends, even though her friends were nowhere to be seen? The mean girls tend to hang out only with each other and are neither friendly or nice to everyone else outside of their group.

Note to the Mean Girls: It is very unnecessary to bring high school dramas with you to a class in which everyone is just trying to get fit and have fun. You can have fun with your friends but be kind to strangers. Maybe you’ll make new awesome friends as well.

4. The Phone Addicted

This person can never get off her phone, constantly checking her screen during class. She may also be addicted to showing off on social media. While in class, she’ll ask her classmates to take hundreds of photos and videos in different angles until she finds the perfect one to put on Snapchat and Instagram.

Note to the Phone Addicted: It is okay you want to document your pole dance journey and highlights of your day, but save it for after class. Do remember that by asking others to taking numerous photos and videos for you, you are taking their time. So be mindful and make sure you help them back when they need you.

5. The My-Space Queen

This girl thinks she owns every space around her. She reserves 2 meters extra around her in every direction for all of her stuff: jackets, clothes, bags, etc. And when she does floorwork or dances on the pole, she stretches her legs as far and utilizes all the space around her as much as possible. You don’t really want to get in the way!

Note to the My-Space Queen: Be mindful of the space around you. Of course you’d love to be able to practice freely without limitations, but do coordinate with your neighbors to avoid collision. And please leave your bags and jackets in a wardrobe or locker.





Mai Phan
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