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Spread out on the floor: Water bottle, journal, bag with grip aid, pole outfit.

Packing List for Your Pole Vacation

Whether you are planning to attend PoleCon, a summer pole camp, workshop, or just travelling on vacation and squeezing in some pole classes during your holiday, here is a check list of essential things you must have:

Pole wear: Bring enough pole wear, ideally one for each day if you are taking workshops or classes all day long. You wouldn’t want to return to class the next day with a sweaty outfit from the day before.

Dress for the occasion! Bring appropriate pole wear for the class you plan to attend: a halter top makes it easier to do shoulder mount, sexy outfit and heels for exotic classes, leggings/leg warmers/back warmer for yoga and stretching class.

Grip: A must have for every pole dancer. Make sure you write your name on it and store all your grip products in the same bag so you can keep track of them. You may need new grip depending on where you are travelling to. Do research in advance. Some grip products work better in a cold and dry climate and some are more suitable for a warm and humid climate.

Towel: Bring a small towel so you can clean the pole. Not all studios have towels and spray to clean pole during class. Trust me, I have been to those studios. It does get very slippery if poles aren’t being cleaned properly.

Accessories: Heels if you are taking exotic pole dance classes, hair ties and pins, bottle water, lip balm, music (if you are planning to your own training session).

I always have my trigger point massage ball so I can give my back and shoulders a massage before class. Some people also bring their resistance band and foam roller to stretch between classes.

Creams and lotions for later use: Especially if you are allergic to nickel. Not all studios have stainless steel poles. In addition, applying too much grip products could dry and irritate your skin so it’d be good to apply some moisturizers at the end of the day when you are done with the classes.

Phone, tablet or camera: Bring them so you can take your amazing photos and videos documenting your pole vacation. You are going to learn many new tricks and combos. Do take videos so you can revisit them later when you get home.

Notes and pen: Write down tips you learn from your teacher during class. Some tricks are not as difficult as they look, as long as you get the correct body alignment. A lot of these tips may not be easily found elsewhere, not even on Instagram videos. Plus some teachers do not allow videos in their classes, so do write down what you have learned.

Money: In case you decide to take additional classes, buy merchandise at the venue, snacks and food.

Attitude: Enjoy your vacation and make the best out of it. This is your chance to learn something new, take classes with new instructors and make new friends. Smile and be positive. Keep an open mind.

Kindly ask your instructor for variations if you find a trick or combo too difficult, and do tell your instructor in advance if you have any sickness or injury. Don’t keep it to yourself and let that ruin your experience as well as experience of your fellow classmates and instructor.

Mai Phan
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