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Pole dancer does the splits during a performance on stage.

“Pole Mindset” or how to learn anything and become unstoppable. 

Hey, Pole Cats.

Before I dive deep into the topic, I would love to tell you a little bit more about myself and my experience so you understand why you should trust me. My name is Vita and I am 28y.o immigrant from the small town of Borisov in Belarus.

I am CEO of  “Catwoman Pole Academy” in Colorado and North Carolina and I am also working on my first franchise studio in Florida and all of this I got in one year. I am also a former World Champion of Powerlifting and a former engineer and scientist. And I actually can go on and on. But let’s talk about the pole. I started my pole journey in 2019 and I got to an advanced level in learning moves like a deadlift, back flips, bird of paradise and so on in about 3 years, and started to win different pole competitions. And no, I am not a super human. EVERYONE CAN DO IT. Literally everyone. 

Here is my 2 step strategy:

Step 1: Creating inner peace before your pole practice.

How often do you have thoughts in your head that you going to fail the move or you don’t have enough flexibility, strength, or skills to do that move? Maybe your mind is somewhere else and you thinking about problems or work and you are not in the present moment.

So if it happens to you a lot, you need to fix it ASAP because we need to train our minds as hard as our physical bodies. To get that inner peace which is for me a clear mind without any thoughts you can meditate or maybe create a ritual that puts you in that state of mind ( for me works one particular song that I like to listen to before competitions or important training sessions).

After you can clear your mind and create that inner peace, you can move to step 2. 

Step 2: Positive visualization

After you can stop that voice telling you that that move is impossible to achieve, try to create the opposite experience in your head. Imagine how you can do a pole move. Imagine how good it feels in your body. If you know what muscle works, it would be awesome to imagine it as well. Maybe you will not get this move from the first attempt 😉

We still need to prepare our body physically but if you use these techniques you can shorten your learning time up to 10+ times. Instead of learning it for 1 year, it will take you only 1 month. For moves that you are physically ready, you can get them after a few attempts.

Those 2 steps are my magic link to body and mind. We need to work on our mental state aka “pole mindset” as hard as we work on our bodies to have safe and fast progress. And always remember you can achieve everything you want if you work on it.

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