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The Perfect Trainer

The Perfect Trainer

The role of the trainer is crucial! If you start poledancing with a bad trainer, you may become demotivated and lose interest in this sport.

It is very important to find YOUR trainer. This trainer should psychologically suit your personality type, the sympathy towards this trainer is a very important factor. You can not train successfully if you are always in a state of depression, dissatisfaction from the process of training, when your trainer raises his/her voice or too demanding. Here I would like to describe an ideal trainer for poledance and other kinds of sport:

  1. Friendly and cheerful trainer. While the trainer does his work, you come to relax to this poled ance studio, enjoy the process, have a rest from daily routine. The last thing you wish to witness is the bad mood of the trainer. We are all humans, we might have some problems, illnesses and difficulties in our life, but all of this must be put aside during the lesson, and trainer should create a positive and friendly atmosphere for everyone.
  2. Understanding trainer. Not all people come to the training in a perfect shape and in an excellent physical form. Some even had been thinking for a while whether to come here or not, as they were afraid of a failure or maybe were feeling shy. Things might get even worse if most people in the studio are slim and advanced pole students and you are not able to perform the simplest trick. In this situation the trainer must be very attentive and supportive and prove to you that you are making a progress lesson by lesson and be less critical to your flaws. The perfect trainer should quickly evaluate your opportunities and choose the right physical workload for you to keep you motivated and inspired. Any training he/she should emphasize your success and define the areas to work with in the future.
  3. Professional trainer. Without any doubts, trainer should be an expert in pole dancing, have some knowledge in sports, we aware of any contraindications to this kind of sport and know how to deal with people in the training process not to make them any harm. It would be great if trainer had previous experience in pole dance competitions, have some awards and sets a good example to the others.
  4. Trainer-psychologist. There are different kinds of people, and to any of them the perfect trainer should find the right approach. It is a difficult task to know, when to motivate, when to be a bit strict, when to combat the laziness and when to make concessions. There is nothing worse than an indifferent trainer. Any pole dancer needs a great amount of support doing the hard tricks, preparing for the competitions, always be pushed by the trainer who believes in you.
  5. Motivated trainer. Not only should trainer motivate you, but also be motivated and strive for the better. It would be cool if trainer offers you some new approaches to the training process, brings some variety, show that he/she is really interested in your success, in your achievement. And this way you will achieve more!

How would you describe your dream trainer? Have you met him/her in your life? Maybe you are the perfect trainer or want to become him? Please share your ideas in comments below!

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